Glorious Gigi [Retrospec’d]

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of vintage inspired companies in our little vintage-loving corner of the fashion world that produce beautiful designs for us to wear, twirl in, and generally fawn over. As someone who doesn’t have the time, money, accessibility or motivation to search out true vintage in my size, I am vastly grateful for and fond of these companies that produce modern examples of vintage styled beauty all over the world for likewise ladies who can’t have or don’t want closets full of true vintage.

One of my favourite such companies producing modern takes on vintage gems is Retrospec’d. Founded and run by two sisters, Sharon and Teena, they were inspired by their vast collection of true vintage to produce fabulous dresses for all woman, regardless of size or age. Retrospec’d produces high quality items that are made in Australia, all painstakingly and lovingly designed by that dynamic sisterly duo, right down to the perfection of every print and pattern. The result is gorgeous dresses that feel the most authentically vintage of any other reproduction company currently sharing the market.

This particular dress, the Enchanted Fleur Gigi, is a dress of that exact ilk, stopping my thumb in mid-scroll the first time I ever saw it because I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a true vintage piece. Despite my immediate love for it, it took me months and months before I finally got my eager little hands on it, but I’m so glad I did. Enchanted indeed!

Retrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus size

Retrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus sizeRetrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus sizeRetrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus sizeRetrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus size

Retrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus size pinupRetrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus sizeRetrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus sizeRetrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus sizeRetrospec'd enchanted fleur gigi dress miss amy may plus size

Dress: Enchanted Fleur Gigi dress by Retrospec’d
Cardigan: Honey Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up
Belt: Old Collectif
Shoes: Old New Look

Now, because I waited so long to snap up this dress, I need to be fair and warn you right up front that this dress isn’t available from Retrospec’d in their full size range anymore. At the time of writing this there were 2 dresses left each in sizes 6, 10 and 16 in their sale section, but Retrospec’d do have select stockists across the globe so if you’re desperate to buy this specific Enchanted Fleur print version of this Gigi cut you might get lucky applying some metaphorical elbow grease to a little search engine time. If you’re a fan of the dress style but are open to other prints, Retrospec’d has a variety of different Gigi’s on offer, encompassing floral prints, landscape border prints, and everything in between.

On with the details! The Gigi dress is a classic vintage-inspired summer swing style, with adjustable spaghetti straps, a full gathered skirt, and the best feature any dress could have–pockets! The bodice has a gentle rounded neckline and the dress closes with a concealed back zipper. Made from cotton sateen, it has plenty of comfortable stretch, even given the substantial quality of the construction and the full lining.

It’s not often I feel content wearing a swing dress without a petticoat, even just a slim volume one to achieve a subtle lift off the legs, but this dress falls so sweetly that in this extended heatwave we’ve been experiencing lately I’ve been happy to forsake a petti in favour of blessedly bare legs in this number.

The print itself is something special, a palette of soft blues, olive green, and a touch of mauve to colour different bunches of flowers that inhabit the grid pattern, with French floral phrases scattered throughout atop a blue watercolour background. It feels vintage and lovely, and the fact that it can be dressed up or down, as well as paired with a variety of colours to style out different outfits, gives this dress a wonderful level of versatility.

Retrospec’d provide an individual size chart for every item on their website, so I ordered this in the size 18 according to those measurements. It’s a little large on me in the waist, as I expected, but that’s more comfortable than a dress that pinches and digs in, especially in this heat, so I just took it in a little to achieve a better fit there, while the bust makes for a perfectm comfortable fit. I’ll still give you the specific measurements to give you an idea of the accuracy of their sizing, and in case you’re a similar size to me and find it elsewhere for sale. The bust flat measures 44 inches with stretch to 46 inches, while the waist flat measures 39 inches with stretch 40 to inches.

The Enchanted Fleur Gigi, as previously mentioned, is on sale at half price and only available in select sizes, but the Gigi style is available in other prints from UK size 6-18.

7 thoughts on “Glorious Gigi [Retrospec’d]

  1. You look so lovely, just gorgeously styled as always! I’m very blessed that Restrospec’d is local to me – you should see the store in person…the temptation to grab one of everything is horrendous!!


  2. Isn’t it the most satisfying thing in the world when you already own a belt that matches a new dress perfectly?! I always love how you style your outfits with pops of colour. I also love how much you’re playing around with hair pieces at the moment. I’m aware this wasn’t always by choice, with your blog post regarding your hair loss (which was very brave and educational btw), but I really love seeing your hair style changes with each post. You look sensational as always darling! x


    • I’m actually fully recovered from my Alopecia and have been for over a year. I got very lucky it was a small patch that never spread and hasn’t recurred, so the different hairstyles lately have purely been down to laziness in not wanting to set my hair and trying to find styles that are cooler in our heatwave!


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