Splendid Splendette

Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16

If you pay much attention to my accessories, whether in my blog posts or my daily outfit posts on Instagram, then you’re bound to have noticed a sudden change that occurred early on this summer: I became addicted to Splendette.

In a way, I don’t know how it happened. Well, no, that’s a lie. I do. They produce hand made, beautifully carved, quality pieces that are reasonably priced and can be paired with a plethora of outfits. That was always their selling point. But it was the green that did it. This summer, Splendette released a vibrant new range of solid coloured fakelite bangles in bright new shades, including Chartreuse and Leaf Green. And I was immediately a goner. Because GREEN, you guys.

I mean, they’d already been making me feel a bit wobbly before that with their beautiful bamboo pieces because I love bamboo bangles. I practically live in them from April until October, and Splendette offer woven bamboo bangles in styles no one else has even dreamed of. Oh, and there was the line with the red carved bangles too, from last year, when…

Oh. I guess my new obsession wasn’t that sudden after all. But it sort of felt like it was, because one day I had maybe 5 Splendette pieces and a month or so later I had over 20. I now have a 3 tier bangle stack that is full entirely of Splendette. And I regret nothing.

Given all this, you won’t be surprised to hear I was eager to discover what their newest Autumn/Winter line would hold. There’s just something especially exciting about waiting to see the newest releases of a company you consider one of your favourites. And you guys.

You guys.

Splendette has not disappointed. Because guess what? Amongst their beautiful new offerings of several shades, they’ve done it again: MORE GREEN!

Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16 Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16 Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16 Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16 Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16 Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16 Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16 Splendette Fakelite Handmade Carved bangles AW16

Deep Green, Charcoal & Purple Carved Fakelite bangles C/O Splendette
Navy and Brown Fakelite Range by Splendette
eShakti dress

I made a newbie guess early on this season that the new line would include purple and dark blue pieces, since those colours seemed like they would fit with the darker, moodier colours we all tend to reach for in autumn and winter. I also desperately hoped for rich, dark greens as well, because we’ve established I’m a junkie for all shades of greens, but I didn’t actually expect that dream to be fulfilled. It was also a pleasant surprise to find that alongside the purple, green and navy colours, there came charcoal and brown as well. I can’t think of any autumnal outfit in my wardrobe that wouldn’t match up with at least one of the new seasons colours.

Each colour range offers bangles of two or more sizes (there’s thick, midi and narrow width bangles,) including Maiden bangles for ladies with smaller wrists, as well as earrings, some brooches, and necklaces. The purple and navy ranges even feature a pair of clip-on earrings for my fellow unpierced ladies, which is something I really appreciate seeing as clip-ons aren’t universally offered. No matter what kind of accessory you most prefer to wear, there’s probably an example of it offered in the new ranges.

The bright coloured pieces of this summer were all opaquely coloured, but this autumn/winter range features a marbled finish, almost semi-translucent in some parts. It’s not only beautiful but so authentically vintage, a finish that would be difficult or even impossible to find if you tried to hunt it down in the accessories section of any of the stores on our modern high street or in the malls.

All Splendette pieces are hand made, every piece carefully carved, and it shows. Their bangle prices start at £4 for a narrow bangle up to £8 for a thick carved bangle, and are around £6 for earrings or £15 for a necklace. There’ll be a second release of a very different (incredible!) range coming this season as well, so keep your eyes peeled for that! No, seriously, you won’t want to miss it.

11 thoughts on “Splendid Splendette

    • I fully support this action! Buy all the Splendette! Even though I have everything I ‘need’ from the new season, I keep revisiting the site and going ‘hmm, maybe I need to order a second narrow bangle in the brown…and another midi charcoal…maybe another narrow navy.’ Lol!


  1. O.o the green pieces are TO DIE FOR! They’re kind of reminiscent of Jade, and I’m a sucker for anything that is/looks like stone. Thank you for reviewing these and bringing them to our attention 😉 my wallet might not thank you later though haha.

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  2. So….I’m catching up on all my blogs….because…you know, life. And decided I’m not going to miss one single blog that I follow. I’m so glad that I read this because YOU KNOW I have freakishly small wrists and never thought I’d own more than a few bracelets….and now I’m headed over to buy some Splendette!!! xoxo


    • Splendette is definitely for you, their maidens will be perfect! Technically you can use them just to finish the stack to stop any others sliding off your wrist, so if a bangle you love isn’t made in the maiden size you can still buy it and use a maiden to help it stay in its proper place on your wrist


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