Feeling like Dita [Voodoo Vixen] 

Let’s be real: anything named after vintage goddess Dita Von Teese is going to be a winner.

Voodoo Vixen released their Dita top last season, a work-wear appropriate short sleeved piece featuring a keyhole cutout neckline. Skip forward to their brand new Autumn/Winter season and Dita is back, this time as a dress with longer sleeves perfect for the cooler months.

This dress is a little out of my style-norm, thanks to its slimmer skirt and high neck, but the gorgeous burgundy red really caught my eye and I loved the idea of giving myself the style challenge of creating an outfit around a piece I’m not so familiar with styling. The verdict? I’m so on board.

Voodoo Vixen Red Dita Dress Voodoo Vixen Red Dita Dress Voodoo Vixen Red Dita Dress Voodoo Vixen Red Dita Dress Voodoo Vixen Red Dita DressVoodoo Vixen Red Dita Dress Voodoo Vixen Red Dita Dress Voodoo Vixen Red Dita Dress Voodoo Vixen Red Dita Dress

Dress: Red Dita dress C/O Voodoo Vixen
Brooch: Sarah Coventry Starbust from eBay
Gloves:  Tan gloves from eBay
Shoes: Camel Faux Leather heels from Everything5pounds.com
Shawl: Faux Fur shawl from eBay

Like its top version predecessor, the Dita dress features ruching in the upper arms of the sleeve, ending with a line of black rounded buttons decorating the cuffs. One more button fastens the mandarin-reminiscent collar, closing the keyhole feature. The skirt is slim cut, able to fit a very slim petticoat but not particularly suited to one, and the dress comes with a matching belt.

In terms of closures, there’s no zip or extensive fastenings. To get the dress on, just undo the button at the neck and pull it on over your head. The fabric is thick but very stretchy, so that’s easy enough to do without feeling you might get stuck, but it can be difficult to get it on without disrupting your hair so I’d suggest you put it on before you finish styling your locks for your best chance at preserving them. It’s much easier to get off without upsetting your hair.

The stretchy fabric makes it an incredibly comfortable wear, as well as easy to choose your size. It runs true to size, with extra stretch in the fabric to allow for a few more inches in the bust or waist if need be, so you can opt for your usual Voodoo Vixen size with no worrying. I’m wearing my usual XL, which flat measures 34 inches and flat stretches up to 44 inches, but I don’t think it’s necessary to size up or down.

Even though the skirt doesn’t have the level of volume I’m used to in my preferred vintage styles, I really like the cut of this piece. The sleeves are warm, great for the upcoming colder months, and they’re really comfortable as well, something to note for ladies who have larger upper arms which create comfort issues in sleeves. The ruching can help balance out ladies who have larger hips or narrow shoulders, and it’s a very versatile piece that can be dressed up or down, as well as worn for work.

The Dita dress by Voodoo Vixen is available in red or an electric blue in sizes S-XL for £45 but you can get 20% off from Voodoo Vixen until March 17th with discount code vintage20.’ Voodoo Vixen ship internationally, and have stockists online and in store all over the world.

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