This Little Vixen [Vixen by Micheline Pitt]

As a pinup on the internet, you’ve probably encountered Micheline Pitt and/or her work somewhere online. She’s basically the most beautiful jack-of-all-trades that there is; clothing designer, illustrator and artist, model, hair and makeup artist, general badass. Micheline was once described to me as a woman ‘who does the jobs of 10 people’ and anyone who follows her on Instagram is bound to have picked up on that sense of unswerving work ethic.

Earlier this year, Micheline created her own line, Vixen by Micheline Pitt, offering ‘Good things for bad girls.’ She began taking pre-orders on her Etsy and it didn’t take long for wholesalers to sign up to carry her brand new designs. First offering t-shirts, Micheline channeled all the funds she had into setting up her own line of Made in the USA products, soon expanding into lapel pins, pencil skirts, gathered circle skirts, and two vintage inspired shirt styles. Dresses will be coming soon, but the items on offer so far feature cute makeup novelty prints or are available in a small selection of wardrobe-staple plain solid colours.

I’ve been following along with Vixen’s progress mostly from afar without making a purchase, at first because I don’t wear T-shirts or pins, then because the novelty cosmetics prints aren’t my style. The plain black pencil skirt looks amazing, and I definitely want to get my hands on the plain black gathered circle skirt, but the item I was most anxiously awaiting was the Vixen top. Finally, finally, they’ve been released.

Available in black, white, pink and red, the Vixen top is the kind of shirt that offers a timeless sense of chic alongside a dosage of sass, a balance I am always eager to serve. The black Vixen arrived recently at UK stockist Deadly is the Female, so I immediately and excitedly placed my order. The top arrived the next day and, yes, hallelujah, she’s everything I hoped she would be.

Black Vixen top Micheline Pitt Deadly is the FemaleBlack Vixen top Micheline Pitt Deadly is the FemaleBlack Vixen top Micheline Pitt Deadly is the FemaleBlack Vixen top Micheline Pitt Deadly is the FemaleBlack Vixen top Micheline Pitt Deadly is the FemaleBlack Vixen top Micheline Pitt Deadly is the Female Black Vixen top Micheline Pitt Deadly is the FemaleBlack Vixen top Micheline Pitt Deadly is the Female

Top: Black Vixen top by Vixen from Deadly is the Female
Bangs: Deluxe Bettie Bangs (unprocessed) by Classy Rebel
Skirt: Black Lulu Skirt by Tatyana
Boots: Black Knee High Lace Up Boots from eBay

The Vixen top is made from a custom made heavy knitted spandex, so it has all the stretch and comfort of a thin, jersey material, but with the weight, warmth and more flattering body-skimming effect of a thicker knit. I cannot emphasise enough how comfortable this shirt is, something that is truly a tiny miracle as a plus size woman who tends to find sleeved shirts or dresses can be uncomfortable on my broad shoulders or chubby upper arms if they’re even the slightest bit too tight. This shirt has so much stretch that such tightness or pinching just isn’t a possible occurrence, not to mention how comfortable that means it is for wearing for a full day.

The collar can be worn flat or propped up, making the sass level adjustable to fit your mood or situation. The sleeves are three quarter length, the most universally flattering length as far as I’m concerned, and there’s no zip or buttons to get it on or off. Don’t panic, though! All that stretch I described rapturously above makes it easy to get it on over your head without a zip, but if you’re worried about upsetting your hair then you can easily put the shirt on before you style your locks.

The neckline is work appropriate without feeling dowdy, making this a versatile piece that can be worn for both work or play. I’m sure it will look killer with Vixen’s black gathered circle skirt, so that’s definitely next up on my Vixen to-buy list when I get the chance.

I ordered this top in the XL, which is for 42-44 inch busts and 33-34 inch waist, but I think the stretch actually means you could size down easily. For reference, the flat and stretched measurements of this piece are actually 42 to 52 inches in the bust and 36 to 48 inches the in waist, so you can see even the flat measurement has extra room there compared to the size chart. Do bear in mind the fact that there’s no zip for getting in and out of this shirt while you making your sizing decisions, but all of the above should be able to help you figure it out. I could have fit an L, really, but I’m glad I have the XL so that it’s not such a skin-tight effect as I would have achieved by sizing down.

I’m thrilled with my first Vixen purchase, and so pleased I can look to a domestic UK stockist like Deadly is the Female to get my Vixen fix without having to deal with international delivery costs or custom fees. From Deadly if the Female the Vixen top costs £45 and is currently only stocked in the black, but it does also come in white, red and pink. For those who aren’t sure of their most convenient Vixen stockist options, Micheline does ship internationally from her own Vixen by Micheline Pitt Etsy store, and select pieces from her line are also stocked at Unique Vintage, Doll Me Up, and Natasha Marie Clothing (those are stockists I’m aware of, there may be more.)

Dresses, both swing and pencil, and more tops will be coming to the Vixen line soon, with pre-orders already opened, and Micheline has recently revealed that a denim division is in the works as well as a second clothing line, Le Femme En Noir, a line dedicated to ‘darkly designed delicacies for the glamorously gothic.’ This woman is unstoppable and I can’t wait to see what else Micheline has in store–‘Good things for bad girls’ indeed.

7 thoughts on “This Little Vixen [Vixen by Micheline Pitt]

  1. Didn’t even know I needed a black shirt, but now I do! This release had passed me by, but you’ve convinced me… Also, good find on those boots – I’ve been looking for black versions of my BAIT tan pair! Although what are the chances they’ll be far too long for me…


  2. I was hoping you would review this top! Micheline assured me personally that this would be an easy to put on /comfy top since I too have broad shoulders , squishy upper arms and then combine that with my fibro, well tops are hard. Its on my post Xmas wish list as is her skirt and peasant blouse too. You look great as always!


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  4. Its a good thing that I sew, as this is the 2nd skirt I’ve purchased ( I don’t often buy repo/vintage inspired items ) bearing the name Micheline Pitt that was a huge disappointment. While her concepts are really cool, her merchandise is 2nd rate at best! I mean has she never heard of quality control?

    I previously bought her Deadly Damed kinky box pleated Venus flytrap skirt, but had to take it apart and repleat it to compinsate for the extremely poor pattern matching. After that nightmare experience I should have known better.

    Still the heart wants what the heart wants, so I reluctantly purchased this Vixen Ben Cooper monster mask skirt, only to have it arrive damage ( hard to photograph – there are snags in the fabric in the ruching along the waist clear a result of the manufacturing process ).

    I also feel a need to point out that the black of the waistband clearly dosesn’t match the black panels in the skirt.

    I have contact her company multiple times regarding this issue. Unfortunately they haven’t bothered to resolve the issue. I’ve had to file a paypal claim against Ms. Pitt. I advise you save your money for better quality goods and reliable customer service!


    • Oh no! I’m sad to hear you got a dud product when you tried Vixen for the first time, that’s such bad luck. I had two faulty issues from different brands recently that I’ve bought from for years and have never had issues with before, unfortunately when QC is conducted by humans inevitably something just slips through sometimes. I’ve had to conduct numerous jobs at my work in which we had to do a 100% inspection on a variety of products for clients who were unhappy with the QC conducted by manufacturers.

      It is worth noting, though, that a Deadly Dames was a Pinup Girl Clothing house brand, so while Micheline designed that piece she was not head of the company, nor involved in QC, so your poor quality Kinky Box skirt is a fault of PUG and not Vixen. If you bought it within the last 3 years then it’s definitely no great surprise you got a poor quality product because their quality went to crap at that time. From what I’ve heard it’s never recovered.

      As you said, if you’re unhappy buying repro, it’s a good thing you’re a proficient sewer! 🙂


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