Spot On Separates [Voodoo Vixen]

You might not know it because I wear dresses almost exclusively, but I own quite a few skirts too. Whether circle or gathered, when I spot a new vintage-style skirt that makes me swoon I am just as quick to order it as I am a dress. Somehow, though, they seem to get royally shafted in my dress-to-skirt wear ratio. I thought this was because I am a crazy person who makes no sense (and that may be the case on a separate matter entirely) but recently I began to wonder if it’s because I just don’t own enough tops. And not just enough tops, but the right kinds of tops.

Comfortable tops that fit properly and are sleeved for winter. I don’t want something cheap and flimsy that’s going to fall apart after a couple of washes, nor do I want a top like that to cling to all my lumps and bumps. No, I need sturdy tops that can be relied upon and reached for at the last moment, without the need for such mental preparation as ‘Oh, yeah, if I go buy a different bra and a camisole, and maybe don’t bend over while I wear it or eat much, that would look really good to wear on Tuesday night with my blue skirt.’ No thank you.

But the Sophie top, by Voodoo Vixen? Yes, thank you. Thank you very much indeed.

Red Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Top Vintage Irena Red Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Top Vintage Irena Red Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Top Vintage Irena Red Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Top Vintage IrenaRed Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Top Vintage IrenaRed Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Top Vintage IrenaRed Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Top Vintage IrenaRed Sophie Top Voodoo Vixen Top Vintage Irena

Top: Red Sophie top C/O Voodoo Vixen
Belt: Thrifted
Boots: Black Knee High Lace Up Boots from eBay
Skirt: Old season Peggy skirt from Lindybop

I actually have this Sophie top in black from last year’s winter season, when I first bought it and fell in love with it. Buuuut, I may or may not have recently caught it viciously on the corner of a drawer while sorting laundry, pinging off one of the buttons. And maybe I have since misplaced both the button and the shirt, because I am a terrible goblin person, so I got it into my head that it was probably easier just to buy a new one, because, as mentioned, goblin person, who is lazy to boot.

I was pretty excited, therefore, when searching out Sophie for my repurchase to discover that this little babe now comes in more colours. I requested (read as: begged) Voodoo Vixen to consider making more colours of it last year when I first bought the black, so you could say I’m somewhat psyched. All the colours, yes please! VV, how d’you feel about doing a pretty, rich burgundy in future? And maybe a nice grey? Just something to mull over 😉

In terms of specifics, this top is a bright true lipstick red, perfect especially for this time of year to liven up your wardrobe and make you feel merry. It’s got three quarter length sleeves and has two decorative buttons featured on the shaped neckline, which I love most ardently. It’s a slip-on-over-the-head jobby of a shirt, no zips or fastenings needed as it’s made from a heavy stretch fabric that stays comfortable all day long and doesn’t stretch out of shape. That stretch fabric does mean you may be able to size down if you want a tight fit or are between sizes, but I went with my usual Voodoo Vixen XL to ensure proper fit in my upper arms and shoulders and it’s perfect.

The Sophie top in this red and the original black are available from Voodoo Vixen directly in sizes S-XL for £25 each, though my discount code vintage20 will get you 20% off any VV order. It also comes in a green and navy blue which were bought out entirely by Top Vintage, so if you want those colours you’ll have to order from Top Vintage, where they’re renamed the Irena top and cost € 34.95. Both websites ship internationally.

1 thought on “Spot On Separates [Voodoo Vixen]

  1. Oh my!! I might have to get myself one! So darling! For me it’s pants. I want high waisted pants , best for my figure, but ordering them online is scary! I have tons of skirts , a nice grouping of dresses, but pants and decent tops, not so much.


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