Modern Love, Vintage Style [Dancing Days]

Dancing Days by Banned Modern Love Knit Top Yolk Mustard Yellow

Dancing Days’ Modern Love top has been around at least since this past SS16 season. Since Dancing Days is a wholesale only brand (selling their line exclusively to stockists but not selling themselves through their own website,) I often find it’s easy to miss some of their pieces altogether, or else to struggle to find your most accessible stockist once you know there’s something you want. It’s a little frustrating because they have some amazing pieces to offer, but that extra little bit of work in finding them for sale tends to be worthwhile.

I was browsing the New In section on Unique Vintage a while back when I saw the Modern Love top available in Yolk, aka mustard yellow, a colour I’ve becoming increasingly obsessed with. I happily buy from Unique Vintage and have it delivered here in the UK, but for a single top the international delivery seemed an excessive step, so I set out to find a European stockist.

Top Vintage stock the widest Dancing Days selection I’ve yet to find in one place and they have the Modern Love tops, but not in the colour I wanted. I assumed Yolk must be a new AW addition so I prepared myself for having to wait until Top Vintage (I hoped) stocked it. After one mere week my impatience for the mustardy goodness sent me on a search of the interwebs, only to be delightfully surprised to learn there’s an Amazon seller that sells this and many other colourways of this top. Not only do they stock lots of colours, but they also stock it in extended plus sizes that I hadn’t seen many other retailers stock, up to a UK size 20.

Excited, I ordered

Dancing Days by Banned Modern Love Knit Top Yolk Mustard Yellow Dancing Days by Banned Modern Love Knit Top Yolk Mustard Yellow Dancing Days by Banned Modern Love Knit Top Yolk Mustard Yellow Dancing Days by Banned Modern Love Knit Top Yolk Mustard Yellow Dancing Days by Banned Modern Love Knit Top Yolk Mustard YellowTop: Yolk Modern Love top by Dancing Days (by Banned)
Brooch: Delicate Diamante Leaves Brooch by Collectif
Skirt: Jasmine Abstract Floral Print skirt by Collectif

The Modern Love top is often called a ‘knit top’ in online descriptions but it’s not a knitted sweater. It’s actually made of a super stretchy material, like jersey, making it an incredibly comfortable wear. That stretchy fabric is on the thinner side compared to something thick like a Ponte knit, so it does show the outlines of anything textured you might wear underneath, meaning the outline of a very decorative bra would show through. If you opt for a plain t-shirt bra you’ll be fine, but if you’re someone who worries about clingy fabrics in regards to their body shape or bumps (we do all have them!) then you might be more comfortable in Dancing Days’ Addicted sweaters, which are the same shape but in a more typical sweater material.

The boat neckline of this shirt makes it great for work wear, as well as anytime you’d like to opt for a classic, more modest look. It adds warmth in winter compared to a lower neckline, with the three quarter sleeves offering arm coverage. Said sleeves also have tiny little bows at the cuffs, which are an adorable finishing touch.

I ordered this top in a size 16/XL since I have no experience wearing Dancing Days/Banned and I’d heard as a brand that they can size small. It’s very true to a typical UK 16, which is normally about a 33/34 inch waist, but of course the stretch gives lots of room on the sizing front. If you love a tight fit from your shirts you can probably size down, but in general I’d advise you to size true for this piece.

Here are a few sellers I’ve found for you and the colours/sizes that they carry:

  • Amazon seller ‘Dark Fashion’ available in 9 colours UK sizes 10-22. Costs £22.80 – £26.95 shipped depending on size and colour.
  • Unique Vintage available in 7 colours and sizes S-XL (UK 10 -16) costing $35 plus P&P. Plus sizes 2X-4X only available in 4 colours and cost $50 plus P&P.
  • Top Vintage renamed as the ‘Sophie top,’ available in 6 colours but not the featured mustard yellow, sizes S-XL (UK 10-16) costing €34.95 with free shipping to many European countries.
  • available in 5 colours UK sizes 10-16 for £19.99 plus P&P.
  • Rock Collection  available in 3 colours in sizes S-XL (UK 10-16) for £19.99 plus P+P.
  • available in 3 colours in sizes S-XL (UK 10-16) for £21.99 with free UK delivery.

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