Some Winter Sugar [Doll Me Up]

You guyyyys, Autumn is here! I know that, really, it’s been here for a couple months already and that next month actually marks the start of winter, but I swear the leaves have taken longer to turn this year than they usually do, so as often as I’ve been squealing and crooning in delight about it being fall, it’s only now truly starting to feel it through and through. And I am, as I’m sure you’re sensing, pretty freakin’ psyched about it!

I love that Autumn style means plaids and tartans, rich tones and moody colours, flannels and velvets. The gold leaves and our warm houses aren’t the only part of the season that feels lush with such snuggly style options abound, and this outfit from Doll Me Up I’m sharing with you today definitely feels like it fits in with the season perfectly.

Doll Me Up Sugar black top peebles 50s skirt

Doll Me Up Sugar black top peebles 50s skirtDoll Me Up Sugar black top peebles 50s skirt Doll Me Up Sugar black top peebles 50s skirt Doll Me Up Sugar black top peebles 50s skirt Doll Me Up Sugar black top peebles 50s skirtDoll Me Up Sugar black top peebles 50s skirtDoll Me Up Sugar black top peebles 50s skirt

Skirt: Peebles 50s skirt C/O Doll Me Up
Top: Black Sugar top C/O Doll Me Up
Boots: Sharona boots by JustFab
Cardigan: Hunter Green Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up

This green tartan is one of my favourite styles from this year’s AW17 season because the gorgeous rich emerald works for every kind of weather without looking out of place. If it’s a cold but sunny day? No worries, check out my awesome green tartan skirt. If it’s so rainy and dreary that bright colours look a bit weird and jarring? No worries, check out my awesome green tartan skirt. Snowing? No worries, check out my awesome green tartan skirt (and, most likely, a few other layers and a nice thick coat, but still, great skirt.) And it’s right near Christmas so everyone is starting to get a bit festive and excited about it in their clothing? NO WORRIES, HAVE YOU SEEN HOW GREAT MY SKIRT IS, IT WILL TOTALLY WORK FOR CHRISTMAS TOO LIKE NO BIG DEAL IT IS ACTUALLY PERFECT. Also, it has pockets, fa la la la la, la la la la!

So, as you can see, I’m not even being overzealous, this skirt just works all the time, always, including as a work appropriate pieces as well as for adorable social dressing. It’s not a full circle skirt but it’s still ready to flatter and twirl the second you put it on, whether you’re a petticoat wearer or not. It closes with a back zipper and measures 26.5 inches long, so it’s a great median-length that won’t completely swamp petite ladies but can still cover the knee on someone like me, who comes in at 5 ft 7.  It will look great with sweaters, blouses, cardigans and basically all tops, including this gorgeous pairing with the Sugar top, available in both black and red because what is the point of even offering velvet if it’s not going to fulfill all your holiday dreams??

The Sugar top is both sweet and a bit sexy, with a cut out detail at the bust that ties with a bow. The sleeves sit best slightly off the shoulder, showcasing the universally flattering expanse of the collarbone and decolletage, but if you are someone who struggles with strapless bras it’s possible to wear a regular bra with your straps carefully hidden. Similarly if you’re someone who gets peeved by any visible sighting of your bra and the bustline concerns you, it’s possible to tie the bow tightly enough to minimise the cut out feature altogether, especially if you wear a plunge bra. For these pictures I wore a black strapless longline bra underneath it and it completely disguised the cut-out feature without being obvious.

I opted for the skirt in the 2XL/18 as it’s a non-stretch fabric and the XL would be too small, but I took a XL/16 in the top as the velvet offers plenty of stretch. The waistband of the skirt measures 37 inches without any stretch, and the top measures 34 inches flat to 37 stretches in the waist, and 40 inches flat in the bust to 45 inches stretched. The skirt will accommodate a medium volume petticoat without any straining.

The Peebles skirt comes in sizes XS-4X for $68.99 while the Sugar top comes in both black and red velvet in sizes XS-4X for $41.99. Doll Me Up ship internationally and have regular sales, so it’s worth signing up for their newsletter on their website and following their Facebook and Instagram accounts for news on their latest releases and deals.

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