Mara, Ruby Red [Lulu Hun]

Here’s the thing about London Edge: there’s so many pretty things everywhere that the volume of them is almost numbing and you begin to act a bit like a greedy toddler hopped up on sugar in a vast toy store, leafing through the racks and mumbling ‘want, want, want’ about practically all the lovely things, far more than you could ever conceivably buy.

It can take some serious self-restraint and concentration to organise your photo taking and mental cataloging throughout the day in order to best use the event as a way to plan out your purchases for the upcoming season being previewed. Sometimes I end up mentally dog-earring items I change my mind about later once they actually come into stock, when the druggish enthusiasm of the day has worn off. Considering that, my favourite part of the whole experience comes in the moments when a piece is so gorgeous that it will literally make me pause, my whole body stilling while my mouth gapes. When I’m there with friends I turn with wide eyes to look at them, wordlessly holding out the dress or skirt or bag, and said friends, often Giselle, will say ‘Oh you need that. That is so you.’ I feel validated and gratified. It IS so me, yes, thank you for acknowledging that; I must have it.

Just such a scene happened as I rounded a set of shelves at the Collectif booth in September and clapped eyes on the Lulu Hun Mara heels, this time pointing them out, mouth wide, in glee to Collectif’s own designer Julia. I feel that same glee here today to be able to finally get these sweet, classic little ruby cuties on my feet.

Lulu Hun Collectif Mara block heels wine

Lulu Hun Collectif Mara block heels wineLulu Hun Collectif Mara block heels wine


Lulu Hun Collectif Mara block heels wine

Lulu Hun Collectif Mara block heels wine

Lulu Hun Collectif Mara block heels wine Lulu Hun Collectif Mara block heels wine

Lulu Hun Collectif Mara block heels wine

Shoes: Mara block heels C/O Lulu Hun
Dress: Custom Plaid Lana dress by Hearts and Found
Cardigan: Amazon
Brooch: Old Aliexpress

The Mara block heels are great for many a reason. First there’s the velvet trim and bow, which in addition to obviously being unbearably cute, adds a level of tactile interest to the design by adding a second textile to the patent PU of the shoe’s body. Secondly, there’s the block heel, which is super easy for ladies who aren’t used to heels to walk in, and also thankfully comfortable even for those of us who don’t mind a stiletto–until they start to cane, of course. Thirdly, there’s this rich, sumptuous wine red which allows the Mara heel to be both a statement piece or a cohesive, blendable facet of an entire outfit, depending entirely upon your colour choices and styling selections. They also come in black, which offers that same level of versatility.

I love that these shoes are cute but not twee, sweet but not saccharine, modest but not boring. They can verge on sensible without tipping into the mundane, and that works beautifully for many a vintage inspired outfit that needs just such a shoe to round it off. Plus, just look at that oversized present-style bow! If you’re a connoisseur of bows, this one, surely, will delight you.

Lulu Hun are generally considered to run small but I found this style true to size and very comfortable in my usual size 7. Of all the Lulu Hun styles I own, which vary from peeptoe slingbacks, stiletto mary janes, summer wedges, and pointed ballet flats, only the pointed ballet flats felt too tight in my usual UK 7, so I would say these Mara shoes are true to Lulu Hun’s standard sizing and that you would be best served to order your usual LH size.

The Mara Block Heels are available in both wine or black in UK sizes 3-8 for £40.50. Collectif deliver internationally and their London and Brighton stores stock a variety of their Lulu Hun range.

8 thoughts on “Mara, Ruby Red [Lulu Hun]

  1. Oooooo I had to come STRAIGHT here when I saw your Facebook post. I am on the hunt for the perfect red shoe for my wedding – yeah yeah it’s a year away but whatever LOL bookmarking these cuties!!!!


  2. Babe, what size do you typically wear in Bait’s? I really want to get some Lulu hun shoes, but being they’re UK sizes…I’m concerned I’ll get the wrong size. 😥


    • I only have 2 pairs of baits and they’re peeptoe heels so I’m not totally convinced that will help you decide because I sized up on the baits even though they were styles I wasn’t supposed to and they fit great. I got them in a 10.


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