The Perfect Peasant Dress [Doll Me Up]

We all have things we like. You might like bodycon dresses, the colour black, cut outs. Your best friend may be in to watermelons, swing skirts, and novelty shaped buttons. I like all shades of yellow, dresses with lots of stretch, and peasant-style necklines. And, like anyone else, I get a bit excited when I find several of my favourite things represented in one item. In this instance, I have Doll Me Up to thank for this accumulation of Things That Make Amy Happy.

Doll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy May

Doll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy May

Doll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy May

Doll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy MayDoll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy May Doll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy May Doll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy MayDoll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy MayDoll Me Up Yellow floral Peachy Keen Peasant dress plus size Miss Amy May

Dress: Yellow Peachy Keen Peasant dress from Doll Me Up
Bag: Sold out Forever 21 (Similar)
Hair Flower: Marsha Duo by Alternate Normality
Bangles: Splendette white / Sage Bow & Crossbones / Los Flamingo Chartreuse / old bamboo

Made in the USA, this little number not only looks like summer but feels like it too. Made from a non-stretch cotton and unlined, the fabric is lightweight and airy, while the generous elastication of the back smocking and the neckline/sleeves gives plenty of stretch for ease of movement and supreme comfort.

I love peasant style dresses and tops because I think they’re both wholesome and sexy all at once, but sometimes those styles can give me pause as I have large upper arms and tight elastic pinching into my chubby uppers looks about as good as it feels. With this dress that isn’t an issue at all, as the sleeves have ample stretch even beyond that which my arms require, with a cute little puff effect to boot. The added bonus is that you can wear the sleeves on your shoulders or completely off for a bardot look.

Another thing I love about this dress is that the skirt is gathered, so while it can take a petticoat should you want to wear one (I’m not in these pictures), on hot summer days when you’d rather skip the extra layers that gathering gives some forgiving volume to those of us who hold weight on our stomach and find slimmer cut skirts only highlight that issue. The waistband gives the look of a cinched waist because it’s sandwiched between the gathers of the skirt and the ruched peasant effect of the bust, but the elasticated smocking in the back of the dress gives the entire waistline spectacular stretch. No matter how much you swell from heat–or from overindulging on ice creams and iced coffees while trying to keep cool–that waistband won’t grow tight throughout the day.

Thanks to all the generous elastication in this piece, choosing the right size isn’t a headache. Each dress size has stretch in the bust and the waist of at least 5 inches, and up to 10 inches in the smaller sizes. I was sure both the 2X and 3X would fit me, since my measurements were sort of covered by both sizes, but my bust measurement (45-46 inches) technically fell outside the listed range of the 2X measurements on the chart. Additionally, because I sometimes find my upper arms create an issue even when every other part of a dress fits, I decided to play it safe and size up into the 3X. It’s a beautifully comfortable fit that feels loose but doesn’t look baggy, with even more stretch on offer than I need. The waist flat measures 36 inches with stretch to 42 inches, while the bust flat measures 42 inches with stretch to approximately 50. The elastic in the neckline/sleeves will stretch to almost 60 inches. The skirt is 24 inches long. Comparing it to the size chart, that means the 3X sizes a little larger than listed, so it may be possible that you can size down, especially if you want a close pinup fit.

In construction this dress is simply a perfect summer option, and in style, in this vivid floral print with hints of purple, blue and white, that perfection is only intensified. Summer perfection squared, if you will. The navy colourway is definitely tempting me, because one good dress definitely deserves another.

The Peachy Keen Peasant dress comes in both this yellow floral print or a navy floral, in sizes S-3X. Doll Me Up ship internationally and offer free US shipping.

8 thoughts on “The Perfect Peasant Dress [Doll Me Up]

  1. Bought two last year, one green with peachy roses, the other yellow with white polka dots. Both are staples in my summer wardrobe! I encourage you to purchase the blue color way! You will get tons of wear from both dresses this summer.


    • Forever 21 have had some amazing straw bags these season but they sell out really fast so it’s definitely worth checking their site once a week. There was an adorable rectangular straw box bag they had before my birthday that I put on my gift list but it sold out so fast no one was able to get it for me, I should have just bought it myself


  2. I really appreciate the sizing details you give with every outfit review & being that our measurements are similar, I find it SO useful in imagining the fit for myself!

    I have adored these dresses from Doll Me Up for so long but have refrained from buying (from any U.S company) as I don’t want hit with expensive import tax charges here in the UK.
    I just wondered what your experience was?

    Thank you!


    • It’s hard to remember now since I buy from America fairly often so the fees from individual orders get forgotten after a while. I think the rule generally is expect to pay 20% on values over £15, plus a £8 handling fee on top when an item comes through Royal Mail (and they include the shipping cost in the cost of the value of the order, annoyingly.) They only check a percentage of random parcels so not every single order is guaranteed to require you to pay fees before delivery, but it’s always best to assume you’ll have to pay fees when calculating whether it’s worth buying an item you’re considering.


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