MAK’s The Way, A-Ha, A-Ha, I Like it [MAK Sweater]

If you’re a regular reader here you must know by now that I love MAK Sweater’s cropped cardigans, since I wear one with practically every outfit. Upper arm coverage, that extra layer to combat the famously tricky English weather, and cropped above the natural waistline so that the silhouette of our 50s dresses can do their very most? Yes please! I own their pinup cropped cardigan in every colour that works for my wardrobe, but I’m always hoping for more–more colours, more prints, more MAK. So today I’m very excited to try out 3 new styles!

Polka Dot Cropped Cardigan (MK8213) 

The polka dot cropped cardigan is the same shape and cut as their much-beloved pinup cropped cardigan but with the addition, as you can plainly see, of some fun sizeable polka dots. The duo tone knit means this cardigan is just a little thicker than the standard cropped cardi, which will be much appreciated in winter. I love patterned cardigans because they’re a great option for wearing with a plain coloured outfit, and this little number comes in 5 colour combos–black/white, red/black, grey/white, teal/white, and this mustard/black. I’ve got my fingers crossed for an olive green one with white polka dots in future.

Featuring three quarter sleeves and a V neckline, this cardigan closes with matching buttons down the centre. The double knit means there’s slightly less stretch than the standard cropped cardigans, but I’m still able to comfortably wear this style in the L even though my bust would require an XL to fully button with the most seamless finish.

Short Sleeve Cropped Cardigan (HB2137) 

This short sleeved cardigan is an excellent option for this time of year. I debated over getting one for a while but always concluded that if it was warm enough for me to be willing to ditch longer sleeves then it would surely be warm enough for me to want to ditch cardigans altogether. Oh how wrong I was. Sure, during one of our rare heatwaves the idea of a cardigan is ludicrous, but for much of the summer and spring here in England having a little something that can provide coverage on the back, shoulders and upper arms is sometimes all one really needs on changeable weather days. As soon as I got one of these cardigans I found myself wearing it regularly. I love it so much, in fact, that I’ve ordered another 4 colours to add to my collection.

Like the three quarter sleeve pinup cardigans it’s made from a super soft, stretchy fine knit. It’s a V-neck, which is my favourite cardigan neckline, but it’s also available in a rounded neckline if that’s more your style. It buttons down the centre. I’m wearing an L because the stretch is so generous and it’s perfectly comfortable, but if I wanted to wear this style closed properly over my bust I would definitely size up into the XL.

Cropped Hoodie (KC009)

This last style is a total departure for me in terms of my vintage style, but not in terms of taste. If I’m not fully pinned up then I’m probably wearing a T-shirt, jeans and a hoodie, my comfort centralised all the way. This cropped hoodie is an item I loved the moment I saw it but I thought I wouldn’t have much use for it. Like the short sleeves cardigans, I was wrong. I’ve grabbed it multiple times when I’ve been at home–especially in the evening–when the temperature has suddenly dropped. It’s incredibly stretchy and soft, so it’s super comfortable to wear. No, I wouldn’t choose to wear it as part of my vintage aesthetic, but I like that I could craft a totally different look around it if I wanted to, as pictured below. From it’s usefulness alone as a snuggly layer to throw on on days that aren’t truly frigid, it’s fully earned my love. It comes in 8 colours and in 2 sizes, S/M or M/L, but you can see from these photos that it’s oversized style means this M/L is a great fit for me.

You can grab these or any other Ye Mak Sweater styles for 40% off using my affiliate code yemak-amymay. Ye Mak are a small business and like many others have been struggling as a result of the pandemic. They ship internationally and regularly hold giveaways on their social media pages to win free styles.


Disclaimer: The cardigans/hoodie featured in this review were gifted to me by Ye Mak Sweater to be featured as a brand ambassador. The use of my MAK affiliate code will generate me a small commission from your order. Items marked with (A/L) are Affiliate Links. All opinions expressed are truthful and my own, with no input from any of the companies listed or any other individuals. 

COVID-19 NOTE: These pictures were taken in the safety of my garden, thus abiding by the strict social distancing rules currently in place to help reduce the spread of Covid-19. Please stay home, and when necessary to leave your house remember to keep at least 6 ft away from any persons you may encounter.

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