Darla’s A Wrap [Rock’n’Romance Vintage]

If there’s one item that can work in everybody’s closet, it’s a wrap blouse. It’s a staple that will serve vintage lovers and modern dressers alike, looking great worn with swing skirts and pencils as well as over dresses, delightful atop swing trousers or jeans, even cute paired with a mini skirt. A good basic is, after all, a good basic, but this Darla Blouse is just a little bit more special than that. 

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Rock'n'Romance Darla Wrap blouse in wine for her fit review

Top: Darla Wrap Blouse by Rock’n’Romance Vintage
Coat: Brooklyn coat previously gifted by Hell Bunny
Belt and gloves: Old Primark
Brooch: Vintage
Skirt: Old Voodoo Vixen
Boots: Sherry boots by Rocket Dog

Rock’n’Romance are a family-run company that stock several excellent vintage-inspired clothing brands, but they also have their own clothing line, of which this Darla wrap blouse is a part. It’s a gorgeous vintage-inspired design, with gathers at the shoulder that create a touch of puff, and pleats in the bust that not only look elegant but offer an excellent level of wearability for fuller busts. There’s a lovely volume through the sleeves, which end in buttoned cuffs.

This wrap blouse is a true wrap, so it’s up to you whether you wear it with the ties fastened in back or visible in front–I’ve shown it tied both ways in my pictures above. The poly crepe fabric lays beautifully and is very flattering, holding structure through the sleeves but able to hold a cinch tightly in the waist without clinging to any potential bumps. Plus, it’s machine washable, something that isn’t a given in vintage-inspired clothing, but is very welcome to me for practicality’s sake. 

This blouse comes in multiple colours and prints, most of which are such a perfect fit for my wardrobe that I found it really hard to choose which colour I most wanted to pre-order months ago when this design was first launched. I love this wine version so much that I’d happily add the green, black, mustard and white to my collection, which isn’t even that ridiculous a feat to contemplate because this blouse is so budget friendly for the top quality! 

Before I ordered this item I spoke briefly with the Rock’n’Romance team about sizing as I’d never ordered from them before. They were very helpful and assured me the size 18 would fit my bust, due to the generosity awarded by the pleats. While I believed them my forever-wariness of blouse sleeves steered me towards ordering the 20. Many brands don’t grade up the shoulders and upper arms of their blouses enough, leading to a poor or uncomfortable fit, so I tend to be in the habit of ordering up a size in an attempt to head off such disappointment. My bust was also the top end of the fit for the size 18, if I remember rightly, and I felt I’d rather have additional room for movement and ease all over than to be the maximum fit for the 18. As it turns out, we were both right; I absolutely could have fit the size 18, but the size 20 also looks lovely and I’m happy to have that little bit of extra wiggle room that I don’t necessarily need. My sleeve wariness, I’m thrilled to say, was unearned in this case, as the sleeves are graded perfectly for the plus sizes and there’s plenty of room in for my large upper arms. This wrap, all in all, is flawless in my eyes. 

As for providing my usual measurement specifics, obviously that’s a little harder to measure for wrap blouses due to their adaptability of sizing. The waist measures 21 inches flat across the solid back of the blouse, so with the tying feature taken into account and my own measurements I believe the size 20 would lay nicely on 37-41 inch waists. The bust pleats, as previously mentioned, allow extra room for fuller busts, so I think 43-48 inch busts would fit the size 20–my 45-47 fluctuating bust fits without any straining. If you still aren’t totally sure on size I’m certain the Rock’n’Romance team would be happy to advise you. 

The Darla Wrap Blouse comes in 6 plain colours and 4 prints, in UK sizes 8 to 20. There’s now a short sleeved version Darla too, which comes in 4 prints and 1 solid colour for the upcoming spring/summer season. Rock’n’Romance Vintage ship worldwide and have a generous rewards scheme that allow you to easily earn points off future purchases. 


Disclaimer: The coat featured as part of this outfit was previously gifted to me by Hell Bunny in exchange for a past, honest review. All opinions expressed are truthful and my own, with no input from any of the companies listed or any other individuals.

COVID-19 NOTE: These pictures were taken alone in my garden, thus abiding by the strict lockdown rules currently in place in the UK to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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