Little Leopard Trim [Dolly & Dotty]

While I have become quite a leopard print devotee over the past few years, I can still understand how the print might not be the top choice for many folks. Wearing it requires confidence–and a healthy scoop of sass in some instances–but there’s plenty of ways to utilize the print for those who don’t feel totally at home rocking a full leopard print item of clothing. Instead, one could opt for a leopard print statement accessory in a headscarf, handbag. or pair of shoes. Or, simpler still, one could grab this leopard trimmed Cindy dress by Dolly & Dotty, which has the perfect splash of leopard designed for you.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May modelling the Leopard print Cindy dress by Dolly & Dotty for fit and size review

Dress: Leopard Cindy dress gifted by Dolly & Dotty
Cape: Sabrina Cape previously gifted by Dolly & Dotty
Gloves: Wet Look elbow gloves from LoveHoney
Bag: Old Justfab
Brooch: Vintage

The leopard print trim on this dress, along with its matching belt, is just the right amount for a leopard print newbie. It’s fun and sexy while still being classy and understated, especially when combined with the bateau roll collar neckline which offers the modesty of a high neckline but with a flattering flash of collarbone.

As you can see, layering on all manner of accessories in black is an easy and incredibly chic way to style up this dress for both black-lovers and those who find outfit styling overwhelming. Anyone wanting to have a little more fun in their pairings can play with jewel tones, like amethyst and emerald, or perkier bright colours, like red or hot pink, to create a vast array of outfit combinations. Since it’s winter I’d happily throw a cardigan over top to wear this dress more casually with tights and flats, but I’m also in love with the idea of layering a sheer long-sleeved black bodysuit underneath it to give the illusion of sheer sleeves being part of the dress.

The skirt of this dress is a gathered swing skirt, with enough shape held by the cotton fabric for a petticoat to be unnecessary. In fact, I wore a petticoat for these pictures and almost wish I hadn’t, as the shape of the skirt was so similar when worn alone I would’ve liked to have proven that to you with pictures. Alas, you will have to take my word for it.

This dress dips in the back into a low V, where it closes with a concealed zip–not so low, however, to reveal the backband of your bra, which is to say it’s the perfect back V. The matching leopard print belt is a PU backed grommet belt, so it fastens securely in place and will last along with the dress.

I asked for this in my usual Dolly & Dotty size 18. The waist measures 39 inches with stretch to 40.5, while the bust flat measures 46 inches with stretch to 49. The skirt is 24.5 inches long.

If you like this dress style but just aren’t a leopard lover, there are 3 other Cindy dresses featuring polka dot or check prints. If, conversely, you love this leopard print but the dress style isn’t for you, Dolly & Dotty use this fab leopard print fabric in 3 other dress styles.

The Cindy dress comes in UK sizes 8-26, in 4 print styles, which are all on sale at the moment for 25% off in Dolly & Dotty’s winter sale. Dolly & Dotty are a small Brighton based business here in the UK, and they ship worldwide.


Disclaimer: The dress featured in this review was gifted to me by Dolly & Dotty in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are truthful and my own, with no input from any of the companies listed or any other individuals.

COVID-19 NOTE: These pictures were taken alone in my garden, thus abiding by the strict lockdown rules currently in place in the UK to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.

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