Photoshoot Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 13]

Everything is rubbish at the moment, I think we can all agree. So what better time for us all to come together and laugh at me, my stupid face, and some of the dumb shit I’ve done on camera? Indeed. Let us begin!

I mean, sometimes I just lose balance ON A FLAT SURFACE IN FLAT SHOES. What the hell?!

I want to end this post with a reminder that everything you see online is carefully curated; yes, showing you these bloopers is supposed to be a fun way to remind you that perfect seeming content streams exclude the variety of unflattering, unusable shots that went into creating those streams. But even these photos above are only the ones I could bear to share with you, and there are always dozens of ones that are so unflattering that I delete them on sight, my ego unable to stand the notion of them continuing to exist in the world, let alone make it into these galleries for lolz.

Everyone has blemishes and bad angles and totally shitty days, so please remember, especially now when everything is so exhausting and isolating, that people online only show you the parts that they’re comfortable showing you, and that their highlight reel (or even their bloopers) should not be something you compare your everyday life to ❤

I hope you are coping with the trying realities of daily life in the pandemic, and please talk to a loved one if you’re struggling. Sending you healthy and sane wishes!


COVID-19 NOTE: Most of these pictures were taken before the pandemic began. The few included that were taken after it began were either taken alone in my garden, or were taken–when allowed to do so during time frames in which my area was not in a lockdown–alone by myself in secluded, outdoor spaces with strict social distancing measures abided by.

12 thoughts on “Photoshoot Bloopers & Outtakes [Round 13]

  1. Lol yay these are my favourite posts! All hilarious except for “dramatic in a hedge” which I kinda think you should make your banner or something because it’s actually amazing


    • Haha maybe it just felt silly because the hedge was so overgrown and the background was too different to all the autumn-leaves shots I was getting the rest of the shoot 🤷🏻‍♀️


      • I mean the pose is pretty extra 😛 but we aren’t here to swoon over sparkly vintage-style floof dresses for fear of a little extra. You look beautiful 😘


  2. Hi Amy, Do you remember where the wicker bag was from in your ” poor accessories model ” photo ?
    Love all the outtakes made me smile – thank you


    • I do indeed! It’s by Ellen & James, that photo was from a review several years ago so I don’t know if that specific bag is still made by them but if you search ‘Ellen and James’ here on the blog it should give you the original review including links to their site and that bag


      • Brilliant! I did try to find it on a previous post first but was unsuccessful. Just checked the website that style is sold out but so many other lovely options. Oh dear my bank account is going to suffer.



  3. One reason I like your blog is you don’t take yourself too seriously while always looking stunning! Awhile back I saw some Victorian blooper type photos and this reminded me a bit of that. Great fun! Loved it 🎀


  4. Absolutely made me chuckle on what has been a god-awful day. I love bloopers, it’s nice to know we are all ultimately crackpot at times. And your mum is fab!!


    • I’m sorry you had a bad day, but I’m glad I could make you smile 😊 If we weren’t all crackpot before we definitely are now, anyway 😂 And my mum is widely deemed ‘the cutest’ by everyone that knows her, so that checks out! 💕


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