Librarian Fantasies [Miss Candyfloss] 

Y’all. Prepare yourselves, because the Miss Candyfloss Librarian collection releasing this Autumn is alarming levels of perfect. I’m talking. IN. SANE. Unreal. Vintage Autumn countryside wonderfulness. I know that sounds dramatic, but every preview I’ve seen has given me the grabby-hands and I’ve begun stalking their website daily to check for new releases. Good thing too, because within an hour of the Chloe-Britt dress’s release it was sold out in multiple sizes. I very nearly missed out, but thank Floss I got lucky.

The Chloe-Britt is a rust and tweedy brown dose of Autumn elegance and I’m in love with it. Both brown and shades of orange are colours that I typically stay away from because I don’t feel they do anything for me, but this dress was so pretty I had to take the leap and just hope against hope that it worked out. Happy, happy sighs, I do believe it did. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

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August Outfits Round Up

Oh August. You were a mixed bag. It was a surprisingly hot month, as far as us Brits are concerned anyway, so there was lots of dressing for comfort and humidity. There was also a bad run of luck on my end specifically, with a broken camera lens and then a severed phone line removing my access to wifi that made taking and uploading outfit photos and blog posts a big challenge. ¬†Basically, I am very ready for September and cooler weather. (Bearing in mind, I reserve the right to then complain about how difficult that bad weather might make taking blog photos once it sets in. I know. I’m a complicated woman sometimes. Just go with it.)

Now, let’s say farewell to summer with August’s outfits.


Leslie Dress by Voodoo Vixen, Red Strappy Heels by New Look

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