Orange Lemon Funny Cake [Guest Blogger Sara Lily]

Today’s post is a vintage baking piece brought to you by sugar-sweet and candy-coated blogger Sara Lily from In A Nutshell, who loves blog about her favorite looks, concoctions from the kitchen, interesting reads, as well as some of her freelance photography portraits. Prepare for a delicious treat!


Hey there! Sara Lily from In a Nutshell… here! Have you ever tried making a recipe from a vintage cookbook? It can be super fun! It can also be super…interesting. Recipes from the 50s and 60s are quite funny – some of them call for the weirdest ingredients while others have such complicated steps that they deter you immediately. Others have such elaborate explanations and others are so simple they make you feel quite silly.

I do love a good vintage cookbook. Many of them provide you with hundreds of recipes as well as seemingly endless advice on how to properly run your home and host a dinner party. Oh it’s a riot! I can find a good cake recipe and learn how I should best present it to my guest all in one place? Perfection!


As I looked through the few vintage cookbooks I owned recently, this recipe from the General Foods Kitchens Cookbook caught my eye. I began to read the recipe, dying to know why it was called Orange Lemon Funny Cake.

What was so funny about it?

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