All Set, All Set [Lindy Bop]

I am a sucker for mustard. The colour only, not the condiment. If you try to put English mustard on my plate for Sunday roast, I will make sure it doesn’t touch any of my delicious, sacred food. If you put American mustard on my hot dog, as happened to me last summer after an hour’s wait in line at the seaside one summer evening, I will be full of rage. But the colour–that I can’t get enough of.

It’s no great surprise, therefore, that when I saw this mustard yellow Marianne set from Lindy Bop my reaction was ‘Yes please!’ I have mustard cardigans, accessories and shoes so far, but no swing dress, despite my wardrobe being about 90% swing dresses. So, really,┬áit kind of had to happen.

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