Giselle in Roses [Miss Candyfloss]

When it comes to polka dots, I’m a 50/50 girl. If they’re small enough and on a background colour I really love, I can get into moods in which I am all for them. The rest of the time I will probably not-entirely-correctly say ‘Yeaaah…I don’t really like polka dots.’

When I first saw a picture of this dress I thought it was red polka dots on a pale blue background, and even though theoretically if I peer into the folder marked ‘Amy’s taste’ in my mind that doesn’t sound like a combo I would be super into, I was surprised to find myself drawn to the idea. I pictured wearing this dress on a warm spring day with a white cardigan and red accessories. Then I found out those polka dots are actually tiny pink roses and for a short while that put me off, because that ‘Amy’s taste’ folder said tiny roses would be too twee for me. But, as I am discovering more and more as I get older, sometimes my gut is wrong, and in this case it was, because the tiny roses are super cute and the blue of this dress is absolutely perfect. Also, as it turns out, that styling I imagined? It still totally works.

Giselle-Regina dress gifted by Miss Candyfloss fit size review plus size pinup Miss Amy May Fairy tales Disney collection

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Woodland Aurora [Miss Candyfloss]

Ardent admirers of Miss Candyfloss will no doubt recognise this dress from their Lookbook for this summer’s Fairytales collection. It was launched at the same time as an identically cut dress, the Mary-Beth dress, which comes in a green and grey tartan with bold black accents. At first I was drawn to the tartan iteration, before remembering that I’ve actually been meaning to add beige, brown and grey pieces to my wardrobe recently, which is sorely lacking said neutral tones. With that in mind, I paused briefly to envision a few different ways I might style the piece, then happily clicked the order button.

Aurora-Tan dress gifted by Miss Candyfloss vintage inspired Sleeping Beauty Aurora cosplay disneybound Miss amy May plus size

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Fairytales and Coats [Miss Candyfloss]

If you read my recent review of Miss Candyfloss’s Arista dress you’ll know that while their new spring/summer collection may be Disney Princess inspired it still has plenty of simpler, timeless options for those of us who find the idea of Princess styles a bit too twee and girlish for our tastes. This Aemela-Ivy dress and the Cloebella coat are both lovely examples of items that will appeal to ladies who aren’t looking for bows or butterflies.

I may not personally be a huge Disney fan, but I wanted to pay homage to Miss Candyfloss’s inspiration for this range, so let’s travel together into the woods now in an ode to fairytales, just watch out for the roses’ thorns…

Aemela-Ivy Dress and Cleobella-Minty hooded swing water repellent coat by Miss Candyfloss made in Europe EU plus size pinup size fit review Miss Amy May

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A Garden State of Mind [Unique Vintage]

The Garden State Sheer Mesh cocktail dress by Unique Vintage is such a beautiful, classic design that they’ve been offering this dress in multiple colourwards for 3 years. I first came across it last year and had my first little swoon session over it. Since then it’s been on my wishlist in multiple colourways but I could never commit to any one colour. When I saw Unique Vintage post this Mint & White Polka Dot version on their Instagram I fell in love–sheer overlays, pleating, mint, princess-like fairytale status style? ALL THINGS I LOVE. I was thrilled and super grateful when UV offered to send me one because they felt it would look lovely on me. Oh UV, you little charmers, you! As if you needed me to fall even more in love with you. But I did. I zipped up this dress and I did. Because this dress. Oh.

Heavenly sigh.

I received this dress two days before the wedding of one of my best friend’s and immediately began the mental recalculations of what accessories I could dig out of my closet to make this outfit happen. I was laying in bed the night before the wedding when I remembered I had a vintage basket weave box purse that would work perfectly, and lo’ and behold, both the dress and the box purse were a total smash at the reception–while in no way threatening to upstage the bride, of course. Every pinup knows her proper etiquette, after all.

Unique Vintage Garden State dress in mint, vintage box purse, old Monsoon heels, handmade hair flowers

Unique Vintage Garden State dress in mint, vintage box purse, old Monsoon heels, handmade hair flowers

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