Bardot Leopard [Dolly & Dotty]

Functioning on the theory that leopard print is a neutral (it’s true, don’t even try to argue,) I think it stands to reason to say it can be dressed up or down. Yes, that somewhat comes down to the cut of the clothing item in question, because, no, neutral though it may be, I still wouldn’t recommend wearing a pair of leopard print capri pants to a wedding, but lucky for us, this off the shoulder Lily dress is a lovely and suitable dress for many an occasion.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the leopard print off the shoulder Lily dress by Dolly & Dotty for a fit and size review

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Roses in the Sky [Lady V London]

There’s several different ways a dress can win me over: by it’s colour scheme, it’s print, or it’s overall shape. This Illustrated Rose print Liliana dress but Lady Voluptuous got me on all three.

When the Liliana dress was first released a few months back I immediately wanted to try it. I’m a sucker for off the shoulder dresses because I think they’re flattering on every body shape and size, so this Bardot sleeved full skirted number easily ticked that box. The way the sky blue of the print’s background interacts with the pinks, purples and greens of the floral pattern left me in no doubt this was a summery, bright look that I would be happy to wear.

Illustrated Rose Liliana dress Lady V London plus size

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