Handbag Dreams [Hell Bunny]

Wicker handbags are one of my favourite things. Every summer I find myself buying more, then going to add it to my collection on my shelf and realising, oh, I have much more of these than I thought, I probably shouldn’t have bought another one

And then I do it all over again. Considering that wicker bags are kind of delicate as far as handbags go, unable to handle an accidental bash against a wall or bump by a stranger without the risk of a snapped weave, that makes my compulsion all the worse. You’d think, then, that I would feel guilty about the subject of this post, but on the contrary, that delicate natural of my favourite arm candy is the exact reason I do not. Because sometimes with reproduction items, you miss out a bit on the magic of what the originals offered in the eras gone by, but sometimes reproduction fixes a problem that modern life only highlights, and these Hell Bunny bags do just that; say hello to wicker style handbags that don’t need babying!

Hell Bunny Reproduction Wicker straw style Honey Ryder Handbag navy blue white Miss Amy May Discount Code AMYMAY20!% Continue reading

Just Like Marilyn [Blueberry Hill Fashions]

For the longest time I have wanted a dress like the one famously worn by Marilyn in this picture.


There have been times when I’ve found reproductions of it but for one reason or another it’s always been impossible for me to get my hands on one. Some times the company didn’t offer them in plus sizes, other times the reproductions was simply too expensive for my budget. So imagine my delight when I was scrolling through Instagram one day and came across this picture of gorgeous Ashlyn Coco, one half of fabulous blogging duo The Pink Collar Life, sporting just such a dress. Continue reading

Seaside Strolling with Vivien

Vivien of Holloway is considered by many to be the ruling monarch of the British reproduction vintage scene. All their pieces are designed and made in the UK, most of their clothing styles returning season after season in new colours and prints, with an army of avid fans happy to expand their Grace, Kitty or Sarong collections.

One of their most popular dress styles is the Halterneck Circle Dress, often referred to by lover’s of the style in shorthand as the HNCD. They watch the website keenly for the release of new prints, stalk eBay for signs of colourways they missed out on, and chat in Facebook groups about where they last wore their favourite dress. In terms of vintage style clothing, it’s a classic, one of those dresses that is quintessentially fifties. Almost every British pinup has one hanging in her closet, and I don’t know why it took me so long to try one.

Since all Vivien of Holloway pieces are UK made, I decided it was only appropriate to take my new dress to the seaside for a leisurely stroll with friends (and a sneaky helping of fish and chips, because if you’re going to seaside you may as well do it properly.)

Vivien of Holloway 1950s Halter Neck Circle Dress Turquoise Floral Continue reading