Good Grace [Hearts and Found] 

Hearts and Found is one of those Etsy shops I go through phases of stalking. Because they custom make all their dresses in any of the fabrics they stock, I’ll check it several times a week to see if there’s a new print I absolutely have to have. And then after a few weeks of this, I’ll stop for a while because inevitably I’ll have spent too much money of late and I can’t risk that if I see something I need to own I’ll have to make the tough choice of being a sensible adult who doesn’t overspend again or, you know, having more pretty clothes. Guess which tends to win. Hence, sometimes it’s better that I just don’t look.

They offer skirts, tops, playsuits and dresses in several different styles, and after my first purchase of the Penelope dress last summer I knew my next buy would be the Grace dress. A couple of times I came close to a purchase of this dress style, only to be thwarted by everybody else loving the same fabric as I did and buying it out of stock. Finally, though, a few weeks back I spotted the newly added Livewire Chain link print, available in purple and a dark red, and I knew I’d found my Grace fabric. I ordered during the 20% off Lunar New Year sale and shortly after my pretty new pretty was in my paws.

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