Tartan Cindy [Dolly & Dotty]

I keep seeing people counting down to spring, but I just spent 3.5 days in a dim, chilly house without power due to Storm Eunice, with the wind whistling in our chimney and regular bouts of rain, so spring currently feels quite far away. It’s been so wet and dreary one could be mistaken for believing it was the depths of autumn, not almost spring, and the only time the sun has come out since last Friday has been alongside blasting winds. With all that in mind, it feels perfectly apt to focus today on tartan, a print that always feels best to me in the cold weather months. Thankfully this one can at least brighten up all this dreariness with its bursting yellow.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the yellow and navy tartan Cindy circle skirt dress gifted by Dolly & Dotty for a fit and sizing review Continue reading