A Beginner’s Guide To: Bedazzling

Whether you want to bedazzle a pair of shoes, a phone case or a headband, you’re going to need the same materials and the same methodology. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll know what you need to know in order to get gluing and glittering all over town. Let’s get to it.

What you’ll need:
Glue, specifically made for bedazzling. I use GemTac, but you can also use E6000 (which must be used in a well ventilated area and preferably while wearing a mask, as there’s links to cancer with this glue. Part of why I prefer GemTac.)
– A gem picker/jewel setter. Typically a wax end picker, as pictured below at the bottom of the equipment image, but I prefer to use a pencil picker, as pictured at the top.
Your shoes or accessory of choice, clean and dry.
Flat backed crystals, obviously. 

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Beginner’s Guide To: Retro Clothing Brands

In the retro clothing style arena there are two clothing shopping options: true vintage, which is when you purchase clothing made in the original era, and reproduction or ‘repro’ clothing, which is clothing that has been designed and produced (often on a mass scale) in the style of the fashion from a bygone era by a modern company. The benefits of buying one or the other type of clothing depends on your clothing needs, budget and your taste.

Vintage clothing can vary in price and quality, depending on where it is purchased and how well the item has been taken care of over the years, and while many people proclaim it is perfectly possible to find plus-sized vintage clothing, I myself have always struggled to find items I like within my budget that would actually fit me (and I’m a modern UK 12/14, technically not even plus-sized.) This problem with sizing is one of the main benefits of reproduction clothing, as modern designers realise that the modern woman typically doesn’t fit the same proportions as our glamorous 50s counterparts. Thus, repro clothing is thankfully made in a variety of sizes, and it is repro clothing brands that I’ll be providing  a summary of in this post. I’ll be telling you what kind of items each brand produces, the size scale, the price scale, where the brand is based, and where you can buy their items.

I’m going to use a price scale here to give you an idea of what the typical price point is of these brands. For a clothing range that typically costs £30-50 across their range I’ll say ‘Low,’ mostly over £50 but nearer £100 is ‘Med,’ and typically £100 roundabouts or over is ‘high.’ Continue reading

PUG Monica Dress — The One Dress To Rule Them All

The Monica dress by Laura Byrnes for Pinup Girl Clothing is one of those dresses that is so classic and so flattering that near every woman who sets eyes on it wants to own it. At $140 a pop and so glamorous that the first instinct is automatically to classify it only as evening wear, it’s understandable that the average woman, and even the average pinup, often feels she cannot justify buying such a dress if she feels she won’t often get a chance to wear it. Still, the I-must-own-it lust generally still perseveres even after good sense has spoken it’s piece, as I can personally attest to having drooled over this piece for nigh on a year before I finally took the plunge.

So for those of you who are curious but undecided about this beautiful frock I’m going to give you the full ins and outs of this dress –let’s talk sizing, quality, styling, and most important of all, if it’s worth it.


Doris May Day, looking so damn delicious in this dress that it is near illegal. Photographed by Laura Byrnes Continue reading

And So It Begins

You are a gorgeous specimen. I know we’ve only just met, but I can already tell. You, with your face and your sparkly, sparkly eyes, with which you are perusing my words. I’m telling you, doll. You’ve got it all going on. Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll conquer the world!

(Did it work? Are you utterly enamored with me yet and thoroughly convinced I know exactly what I’m doing with this whole blogging business? No? Damn. I’ll keep working on it.)

Okay, seriously though, hi! Most of you reading this will be lovely beings who already follow me on Instagram, and where that is the case you should know that I think you are super adorable and you should say hi if we haven’t already greeted one another with such. For anyone else that may have found this, I feel like I should give you a little introduction.

I’m Amy. I’m English, a former farmgirl who resides in the countryside of  South East of England, and I’ve been dressing in the 50s pinup style since early 2013. I own far too much makeup (it is legitimately ridiculous,) my hair doesn’t always co-operate, and even though my mother claims I buy too many dresses I believe it to be fully allowed because I am always a bargain hunter. I don’t have perfect skin. I like to eat too much. I can walk in 5.5 inch heels but truthfully I mostly just wear them for going out to (and thus sitting down for) dinner.

This is me


But then so is this so be aware what you’re dealing with here


(Caressing a wooden bear, totally normal behaviour. Not a weirdo at all.)

Here’s a snapshot of the kind of things I’m hoping to share with you in the near future


In particular I’m planning a beginner’s guide to Pinup Girl Clothing, ‘How To’s on bedazzling and retro hair flowers, makeup product reviews, such as my new favourites the Bourjois Velvet Edition Mattes, retro inspired lingerie on the high street, and False Eyelashes for Beginners. If any of these ideas are at the top of your must-read list then drop a comment to let me know so that I can prioritise the posts. Likewise, if you’ve got ideas for other things you’d like to read about then comment those as well. I don’t claim to be an expert in any way on the pinup style, but hopefully I can satisfy your requests.

For now, thank you for reading and I hope to see around on my future posts.

With a wink and a kiss, just for you, because I really did feel that chemistry back there at the start, you cutiepie 😉

‘Til next time.