The Classic Trench With A Little Extra Swing [Collectif Dietrich]

I am a lover of big skirts. Not just big, massive. Gathered circle skirts so roomy I can fit two petticoats underneath. Which is all well and good in summer when I can flounce around as circumference-ly bloated as I please, but come winter it becomes a problem when I need to find a coat that will encompass such voluminous extremes without awkward gaping. There are a few retro repro brands which produce good quality coats, and even ones with a full swing skirt, but I wanted a coat that was classic and weather adaptable without being a super heavy fabric or out of this world glamorous (I know, that’s probably the only time you will witness such a sentiment being expressed by yours truly.) Basically I wanted a classic trench coat but with a big ol’ skirt.

Enter Collectif. This Dietrich swing coat of theirs has been around a while and available in a few colourways. I’ve come close to buying it a few times before but always when it technically was not the right season to be spending £95 on a coat. Collectif are pretty good at having regular sales, though, so at the end of summer I snapped it up for £60. Who doesn’t love a third off? Well you’ll be thrilled to hear that right now it’s on sale for an even smaller sum of £47.50, less than half price. Good luck resisting that!

This coat has all the classic structure and detailing of your timeless trench coat, with a swing skirt that really will keep your skirt entirely covered. I took one of my beautiful friends and her camera out with me on a dreary Saturday to show you just how well this coat will protect your precious pinup duds this winter season, including testing its capabilities of wrangling my infamously double-petticoated dress beneath.







I got excited pretending this was my crystal ball








Can’t take me anywhere





I wonder why my mother keeps telling me I ought to behave more ladylike





Shoes: These from eBay seller awesome-outlet
Lipstick: Makeup Revolution ‘Wow’ stick in Maria
Gloves: Primark
Skirt peeking out from underneath: Black & Turquoise Harlequin print Jenny skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing
Petal hat: This hat from eBay seller xminha

This coat definitely passes my big skirt requirements, plus with actual pockets, rather than those super annoying faux pockets some ladies coats have, this coat is both a practical answer to my pinup winter needs and a stylish one. My perfect combo.

9 thoughts on “The Classic Trench With A Little Extra Swing [Collectif Dietrich]

  1. Haha! Well maybe we just need someone who does. I’m so glad I’ve found someone who shares my interest in pockets! :D… Wow you know you have a love for pockets when you have a full conversation on a blog about them ;P


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