My Magic 7 – Top Lasting Lipsticks

I’m obsessed with lasting lipsticks. Once upon a time I didn’t wear lipstick ever and I was terrified of the idea of accidental smudging from forgetful touches in the same way you can sometimes forget you’re wearing eye makeup and accidentally threaten the integrity of your perfectly filled in brows with a mindless swipe. Now that I’m used to wearing lip products such a worry doesn’t concern me so much, but I do have steeply curved upper lips and a tendency to be overly expressive with my lips which combined means inner corner transfer of colour is a true threat. Plus, I do actually eat. Y’all know that. And I can’t be dealing with a lipstick that’s gonna wear half off every time I take a gulp of water or eat half a cookie. So I’m all about long-lasting lipsticks, especially if they’re affordable.

I’ve tried a hell of a lot of them, and more often than not I’ve come away feeling disappointed by the unmet claims from the advertisements and feeling gypped to have unloaded another unnecessary tenner from my wallet. But all my trying and testing does mean that there are some products I’ve found which I love, and those are products I return to over and over again. After months of meaning to get around to a lipstick master post letting you know my favourites, finally it’s here. Below are my magic 7 lip products that I love. Why 7? If you have to ask that you have obviously never read Harry Potter. (Also, it just so happens I have literally listed every product I switch back and forth between constantly and that happens to be 7 products, but you know, the ‘7 is the most magically powerful number’ thing as well. That too.)

Accio Long Lasting Lipicus! 

Makeup Revolution Wow Stick Call Me

Makeup Revolution WOW Stick in ‘Call Me’

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Courtney Dress [Lindy Bop]

I’ve been reviewing several more pricey repro pieces lately so it was time to look at a budget-friendly piece. I recently bought the Courtney dress from Lindybop, a short sleeved version of their gorgeous Vivi dress. Both versions of this dress feature a gathered skirt, fabric belt and a collar bust. The Vivi has three quarter length sleeves, while the Courtney has short sleeves, but both feature a gorgeous sleeve detail of turn-up winged cuffs. I loved the Vivi when it first appeared on the scene but only tried it and never bought it, so with the weather warming I secured myself a Courtney in navy, my favourite colour, and was super excited to see what it was like.

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My Very Deadly Weekend


I’ve been a fan of Deadly Is The Female for a while. I discovered them early on last year when I was pleased to find they were a UK stockist of my favourite brand, Pinup Girl Clothing, which is a pretty rare thing, as well as a stockist for many other of the best quality repro clothing brands, such as Stop Staring, Tatyana, The Pretty Dress Company and Trashy Diva. I had already been following Miss Scarlett Luxe, the first ever Miss Pinup UK and member of Team Deadly, one of their favourite models who’s been working with them for years. Around the end of last year I began to really want to go visit the store itself rather than merely perusing it online, but when a quick google maps search enlightened me to the fact that it was 3 hours away I knew I had to put that daydream on hold.

So, imagine my surprise and delight in early March when I got an email from owner Claudia Deadly asking if I wanted to model for them at their next photoshoot in April. After some squeaking and much capslock messaging to my friends, I told her, YES, YES, I WOULD LOVE THAT OMG.

The weekend of April 11th-12th came and I awoke at 6am ready to drive from my home in East Sussex to Frome in Somerset, where Deadly is located. That’s a 3-ish hour drive in good traffic and I had high hopes that an early start would ensure that smoother and quicker journey. My mum, Mumma May, was going to come along as she had a friend she wanted to visit in nearby Bath, so off we went with our snacks packed and my hair still in pincurls.

St Catherines Street Frome

St Catherine’s Street

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Enchanted By Ella [Pinup Girl Clothing]

The Pinup Girl Clothing Ella dress was first released last year, named after  super PUG customer and gorgeous blogger Miss Victory Violet. It originally came in three colourways, pink, yellow, and blue. Neither colour really spoke to me, so I wrote it off as a pretty dress that wasn’t for me…Until my darling friend Sarah Forshaw got it and I saw these amazing pictures of her in it.


I mean, apart from taking the time to be stunned by how goddamn gorgeous my friend is, it was a wake up call that a dark red lip and dark hair looks beautiful paired with the vibrant blue of this dress, and hello, I have dark hair and love a rich red lip! And while Sarah is more olive of skin than my pale self is, I knew it would work with my skintone too. It was official: it was being placed upon my wishlist. I put this dress into my basket twice on PUG orders after making that Must Have It decision, then wussed out and removed it from my basket both times when my total purchase value ran too high. After that second time of bottling out I realised I had deep No Purchase regrets and I resolved that it would be a dress that I bought in May as a birthday gift. It stayed in my basket for several weeks until March when I decided I would buy it asap anyway, damn waiting for my birthday! The day after deciding this I went to place my next PUG order…and it was gone. Out of stock.

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Wishful Thinking – A Pinup’s Birthday List

I come from a big family and part of having that background is that we’re really organised when it comes to gift giving holidays. At Christmas I ask all my siblings, niblings, in-laws and mother to write wishlists and to report to me when they would like gift ideas for one another so I can keep check and make sure there’s no repeat gifting. This carries over to our birthdays too.

Last year I asked any friends or family who wanted to buy me a present to please give me a Pinup Girl Clothing giftcard, if they were happy to, and I was thrilled to be able to buy 3 brand new dresses I had been lusting after for months from their Summer line. This year I can’t help but ask for the same kind of funding for my PUG habit, especially as I’m saving for my US trip this autumn, but there’s so many gorgeous things I’ve seen that I thought it would be fun to create an imaginary wishlist post of other things I have been loving lately. I definitely can’t afford to buy all these things right now, but maybe you’ll see something you love too and if you buy anything, you can let me live vicariously through you. We’ll hold hands online and breathe in the prettiness, it’ll be super neat, I promise.


Glamour Bunny Seven Year Itch dress

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[Little Black] Dress In Your Sundae Best

I mentioned last week that I recently bought the Black Evening dress from Doll Me Up Darling in the same order in which I bought two of their Vixen Vondetta tops. I was torn between buying the black version of this dress or the red, as I want both, really, but I took the totally practical route of ordering this one because it was currently in stock. It’s a very simple dress and that’s a great thing, because it can be styled in whichever way takes your fancy. I like it so much that the red is definitely going on my wishlist now.

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A Garden State of Mind [Unique Vintage]

The Garden State Sheer Mesh cocktail dress by Unique Vintage is such a beautiful, classic design that they’ve been offering this dress in multiple colourwards for 3 years. I first came across it last year and had my first little swoon session over it. Since then it’s been on my wishlist in multiple colourways but I could never commit to any one colour. When I saw Unique Vintage post this Mint & White Polka Dot version on their Instagram I fell in love–sheer overlays, pleating, mint, princess-like fairytale status style? ALL THINGS I LOVE. I was thrilled and super grateful when UV offered to send me one because they felt it would look lovely on me. Oh UV, you little charmers, you! As if you needed me to fall even more in love with you. But I did. I zipped up this dress and I did. Because this dress. Oh.

Heavenly sigh.

I received this dress two days before the wedding of one of my best friend’s and immediately began the mental recalculations of what accessories I could dig out of my closet to make this outfit happen. I was laying in bed the night before the wedding when I remembered I had a vintage basket weave box purse that would work perfectly, and lo’ and behold, both the dress and the box purse were a total smash at the reception–while in no way threatening to upstage the bride, of course. Every pinup knows her proper etiquette, after all.

Unique Vintage Garden State dress in mint, vintage box purse, old Monsoon heels, handmade hair flowers

Unique Vintage Garden State dress in mint, vintage box purse, old Monsoon heels, handmade hair flowers

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Doll Me Up, Darling, In Vixen Vondetta 

One of my favourite top designs from the 50s is the crossed front strap top. There are lots of brands that have their own version of this top, featuring different fabrics and priced across various budgets. I own two tops featuring this crossed strap neckline and both fall on the more expensive side of the budget spectrum for this kind of piece. I’ve been curious for a while about the Vixen Vondetta tops I’ve seen offered by Doll Me Up Darling, so I recently bought a couple so I could do a review for you ladies.

At last count this top comes in 14 colourways, which is the first thing I really liked about it. The second is that each top only costs $19.99 (around £13ish), which is about $30 cheaper than the next step up I could find in price range for this kind of crossed strap style. For ladies on a budget this means you’ve got an excellent option, in a lot of colours for many a potential outfit, for finding this kind of style.

Each top has a lot of stretch in it due to the fabric it’s made of, so despite Doll Me Up’s owner, Krista, insisting I would fit a M, I decided to buy both a Medium and a Lovely to see if there was a big difference in fit. I ordered the Navy in an Medium and the Burgundy in the Lovely. The only free day I had to get pictures for this post saw me photographer-free and trapped indoors as it rained, so it’s in-studio for basic pics this time!

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March Outfits Round Up

I’ve debated doing a monthly outfit round up post for a while now and after receiving a positive response on Instagram when I offered it, this it’s becoming a thing! So, without further ado, here are my March outfits and all their details.

Click the images to get a closer look at the details.

Black Vicki dress by Tatyana. Handmade bedazzled ballet flats

Black Vicki dress by Tatyana. Handmade bedazzled ballet flats

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Getting To Know Me

I was floored with the response I received last week to my My Pinup Life post. When I share things from my personal life it’s lovely to see people relate to my stories, but it’s also nice to read that people like getting a better sense of who I am. Because of this I recently asked my Instagram followers whether there was anything they’d like to know about me to get to know me a little better, as I know getting a sense of someone online can be hard and a lot of you may not know much about me. Below are the questions I received and my answers. If there’s anything else you want to know just add it in the comments below and I’ll answer.

Teafor2and2fortea: 1) Why did you start your blog and how do you continue to draw inspiration? 

After reaching about 2500 followers on Instagram I noticed I was getting regular questions about how to get into the pinup style, pinup makeup and hair questions, and clothing questions regarding brands and fit. I’ve always been a writer in some form or another, most prevelantly young adult fiction through my teens and early twenties, though writing has fallen by the wayside in recent years. I asked my followers if they would be interested in reading a blog by me were I to start one and I was amazed by the enthusiastic response. Having an outlet for my writing again, though more instructional and informative than the narrative and poetic style of writing fiction, has been lovely, and that enjoyable process in and of itself is part of what keeps me inspired to continue. Largely, though, I’m inspired by the responses I get from women saying they found my reviews useful, who tell me they bought their first purchase from X brand thanks to advice I gave and they feel incredible in it, ladies who are kind enough to consider me an inspiration to their style transformation in any small way. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every like, comment and exchange, both on here and Instagram, and it’s that support and sense of community that urges me on when I’m stressed about scheduling a blog in during a busy week or I’m tired at 6am when I wake up early to take blog pics because it’s the only free time I have for it and I’m eager to get a review ready. I enjoy everything I do here and it’s because of my supportive followers and readers that I’m able to do that. Thank you all. Continue reading