On It, Bonnit!


Just sullenly thinking about how much I hate it when my hair gets ruined…

One of the most annoying things about being a modern day pinup has got to be how easy it is for our carefully coiffed vintage hairstyles to get ruined. Whether it’s a long day at the office, a gust of unruly wind, unwanted humidity or a dreaded downpour that makes your pincurls drop, the result is the same: a burst of frustration and disappointment, followed by the agonising decision for those of us less-gifted with our locks as to whether it’s better to leave our slightly sad hair as is or risk restyling it while out and about–and probably making the situation worse. Whenever I attempt and fail at the latter I always wish I’d been better prepared, rarely organised enough to remember to pack both a hairscarf and an umbrella, or perhaps simply to move those items over from one handbag to the one in use that better matched that day’s ensemble.

The answer to the dilemma, of course, is a hair scarf that’s waterproof, so that I only need to remember to pack one item. The smaller it is in my packed-out purse, the better. But they don’t make waterproof headscarves. Man, what did our grandmothers do in these situations? Oh, right. They wore rain bonnets. Simple idea, really. But where does one even get rain bonnets nowadays, you might wonder, like I have done several times over.

If you’re a fashionable little pinup, the answer is: from The Bonnit. With their slogan ‘Not your granny’s rain bonnet’ and their fun prints, they’re as serious about keeping your hair dry as they are about putting a modern, fun spin on a vintage necessity.

The Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain Bonnets The Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain BonnetsThe Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain BonnetsThe Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain Bonnets The Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain BonnetsThe Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain BonnetsThe Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain Bonnets

Rain Bonnets: The Cherry & The Anchors rain bonnets C/O The Bonnit
Coat: Red Dietrich swing by Collectif
Boots: eBay
Umbrella: Petal Umbrella from Lindy Bop

The best thing about The Bonnit’s range is obviously their offering of fun prints, which make them much more appealing to whip from the depths of your vintage handbag. The next best thing about them, though, is how easy they are to carry in said handbag. Each Bonnit comes in a little waterproof resealable pouch that allows you to fold up your bonnet and stash it away for next time with one click of the popper. The reuse mentality might be one many millions have forgotten in recent times, but these bouffant-saving babies are all about being recycled to save your hair time and time again. Folded down, they’re small and easy to slip both into your bag or even a pocket, and as each design you order comes with one patterned bonnet and one clear, you can keep each in a different bag or pocket to ensure you’re never caught out. If you’re super concerned about being caught short, you can go the extra step and stash one in your car’s glovebox, another in your office desk drawer.

Proudly made in Canada, The Bonnit have a variety of fun prints to choose from, from the novelty cuteness of the anchors and cherry prints pictured above to something a little more sassy in a black leopard print, some sweet peacock feathers, and twinkling stars.  At $10 CAD for two bonnets, it’s an inexpensive investment in the integrity of your future do’s, especially as I can offer you the promo code SHIP4FREE to get free shipping for your order. The Bonnit ship internationally and can’t wait to see you in their printed pretties. Now quick, take cover, the rain’s coming in!

The Bonnit Fashionable Printed Rain Bonnets

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