It’s All About MAK

There’s a MAK cardigan for every outfit. No, really!

If you’ve ever gone on a hunt for cropped cardigans to pair with your cinched waist vintage dresses then odds are you’ve come across the MAK cropped cardigans. A wholesale label, they supply their cropped cardigans in dozens of colours to vintage inspired stockists all over the world. Those stockists sometimes vary in the name they give the product as well as somewhat in price or the colour selection they offer, but no matter your favourite place to buy them, the MAK cardigans are fan-favourites in our community.

Personally, considering I own them in 16 shades, I can attest to how useful they are in a pinup’s wardrobe. And thanks to MAK sending along yet more to add to my ever-growing collection, I don’t see that my addiction to these cardigans will be letting up anytime soon.

MAK Cropped Cardigans CO-129

MAK Cropped Cardigans CO-129

L to R: Custard, Grape, Blueberry, Viola, Navy, Black, Coffee, Light Grey, Ivory, White

MAK Cropped Cardigans CO-129

Top L to bottom R: Light Grey, White, Ivory, Coffee, Navy, Viola

MAK Cropped Cardigans CO-129

Top L to bottom R: Blueberry, Custard, Black, Grape

MAK Cropped Cardigans CO-129

MAK Cropped Cardigans CO-129

CO-129 Cropped Cardigans in Custard, Grape, Blueberry, Viola, Navy, Black, Coffee, Ivory and White all gifted by MAK
[Affiliate code yemak-amymay for 40% off]
Dress: Sunday Floral Stripe dress by Joanie clothing

These cropped cardigans feature three quarter length sleeves, three centre buttons and a V-neckline. They’re made of a soft medium knit that has lots of stretch, so they’re super comfortable to wear. They’re perfect for adding a little extra coverage on days when the weather is undecided, as well as for layering in the colder months when even your sleeved dresses or blouses don’t quite cut it on their own. The cropped length hits right at the waist, making them perfectly suited for vintage style outfits because they don’t hide or obscure your waist like a regular length cardigan would do, thus echoing the waist-enhancing silhouette of the 50s fashions.

There’s a slight difference in the number of colour options offered in the Plus Size (2X-4X) line as in the S-XL line but those colours are being extended as more and more stockists request the plus sizes. As it stands, there are 39 colours MAK offers in this cardigan, from the wardrobe-basics of white, black, browns and greys right through to nearly neon Fiesta orange, delicious Grape and delicate pinks.

As I mentioned above, MAK only sell their products to wholesale stockists, not direct to customers themselves, so you have to track down their cardigans from boutiques and online stores. To give you a helping hand, though, I’ve formulated a list of the top stockists in the vintage style community who sell the MAK cropped cardigans.

Doll Me Up (USA)
Trashy Diva (USA)
Deadly is the Female (UK)
Campbell Crafts (UK)
Unique Vintage (sometimes) (USA)
Le Bomb Shop (USA)
Oblong Box Shop (USA)
Modern Millie’s in Salem (USA)
Lola Rocks eBay (USA)

If you know of any other stockists who keep topped up on MAK Cropped Cardigans do let me know so I can add them to the list above! These cardigans typically run between $22-28 from most stockists, and around £25 here in the UK.

You would think now that I own 26 out of 39 colours I would have enough of these babies, but the perfect fit combined with the changeable temperate weather of the UK means I pair them with almost every outfit I wear, so there is no such thing as enough. What’s next up on my MAK list? Blush, Charcoal, and Mocha. I’m desperate for MAK to create a Turquoise cardigan, but for now I’ll console myself with the newest shades, Peacock, Bronze and Hunter Green, all of which I bought as soon as they were released and are perfect for Autumn. I think this is an obsession that won’t be dying down anytime soon.

13 thoughts on “It’s All About MAK

  1. Review clothing in Australia make a nice cropped cardigan in a lot of colours, with full length and 3/4 sleeves but they aren’t as soft. You have to but them a size or two smaller to get a nice pinup fit. @likeomg on instagram shows these off nicely with retro swin dresses. Hard to get mak cardies in Australia so I buy from overseas. Wild Kitty clothing in Australia sometimes has a few colours. Glad to see the new colour range so well photographed- thank you!


  2. I think I have 9 now and am definitely convinced I need every colour way – and maybe even the shorter sleeve ones :O

    I live in Australia and tend to buy a few at a time whenever DMU has size L in stock.


  3. Pinup Girl Clothing also stocks these, I got mine from there. I have mustard, magenta, white, pale ice blue and baby yellow ones 🙂 I want more of these, but there’s not enough room in my wardrobe even for the ones I already have 😀


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