Abstract Wrapping [Chi Chi London]

There are many ways the pandemic has changed my outlook on life and refreshed my sense of gratitude. One of the smaller, more insignificant ways it’s had an impact is the way in which it’s allowed me to reconnect with my natural curls and given me room to appreciate more casual ways of dressing. My love for 1950s silhouettes has not diminished even remotely, but it’s nice to allow oneself room in one’s head to have quiet, easy dress days rather than self-applying pressure that every chance to slay must be seized. Nah–now, and in future, I will cherish more casual days when I crave them, and dresses like this abstract wrap dress from Chi Chi London prove that being a little more casual does not mean being any less stylish.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Abstract Print Midi Wrap Day Dress by Chi Chi London for a fit and sizing review Continue reading