Tiki Teatime [Pretty Retro]

I’ve been dressing in vintage styles for 5 years now, my love for swishy skirts, perfect curls and a crisp cats-eye wing ever-growing. Dressing in this way has given me an endless boost of confidence and an excitement to get dressed, replacing the common dread many face when having to consider what they should wear when they leave the house. For me, embracing vintage fashion has given more than just my wardrobe a new lease on life.

I tend to dwell in the 1950s, where the cinched waists and full skirts make me feel most at home, but embracing such an unusual style of dressing–by today’s standards–has also taught me that it’s good to shake things up occasionally with something different. For me, that tends to mean either slipping into a form fitting wiggle dress or winding back the clock a further decade to dabble in the styles of the 40s. Today, we’re looking at an example of the latter, by taking a spin in something that is a first for me, shockingly, even after 5 years of vintage dressing–my first ever tea dress.

Pretty Retro Tiki Pretty 40s Tea Time dress

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Fairytale Hostess [Pretty Retro]

I am all about yellow. I remember growing up that when my eldest sister said her favourite colour was yellow and I thought ‘Yellow?! No one likes yellow that much.’ Back then it was the colour of smiley face stickers, highlighter pens, and ice lollies. As I got older, particularly in the last few years, I’ve grown to love the colour in a new way. Now it’s sunshine and daffodils, pineapple and baby chicks. It’s bright but also soft, happy as well as sweet.

Despite all the ways I’ve grown to love yellow, I’ve still found it to be an under-appreciated colour on the whole. Every time I wear it, though, I find it seems to open another person’s eyes to the joys and the potential in the colour that they hadn’t considered before, and that makes me even happier still to wear it and champion it all the more. And in the yellow Hostess dress by Pretty Retro, it’s very easy to help people see just what a beautiful offering of a colour that yellow is.

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