Frilly Sundae [Hell Bunny]

Do I start singing Lonely Island’s ‘Lazy Sunday’ to myself every time I see this Frilly Sundae dress by Hell Bunny? Yes, of course I do. Am I embarrassed to admit that? No, of course I’m not. Is it a cute-ass dress? Yes, of course it is, let’s stop messing around with this nonsense and take a look at it!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the black Frilly Sundae dress gifted by Hell Bunny for a fit and size review

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Tiki Teatime [Pretty Retro]

I’ve been dressing in vintage styles for 5 years now, my love for swishy skirts, perfect curls and a crisp cats-eye wing ever-growing. Dressing in this way has given me an endless boost of confidence and an excitement to get dressed, replacing the common dread many face when having to consider what they should wear when they leave the house. For me, embracing vintage fashion has given more than just my wardrobe a new lease on life.

I tend to dwell in the 1950s, where the cinched waists and full skirts make me feel most at home, but embracing such an unusual style of dressing–by today’s standards–has also taught me that it’s good to shake things up occasionally with something different. For me, that tends to mean either slipping into a form fitting wiggle dress or winding back the clock a further decade to dabble in the styles of the 40s. Today, we’re looking at an example of the latter, by taking a spin in something that is a first for me, shockingly, even after 5 years of vintage dressing–my first ever tea dress.

Pretty Retro Tiki Pretty 40s Tea Time dress

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Lady in Black, Lady in a Garden [Bluebelle]

Bluebelle is a Singapore-based vintage inspired clothing company run by sweetheart owner Ammy. She began the company in 2013 because she and her sister, vintage lovers that they are, had trouble finding vintage inspired clothing to wear in Singapore. She began by stocking established European repro companies on her website, then branched out into producing her own Made By Bluebelle line last year. Her Lady in Black tea dress was so well received that European stockists began requesting to stock the piece themselves, a turn in the tables of her position of just a couple years prior.

The line, originally catering to the petite sizes of ladies in Singapore, is now looking to branch out their sizing to include UK sizes 14 – 18. Their original hit Lady in Black tea dress is the first piece in the range to be extended. Given its classic modest cut and simple yet elegant floral print, I can see why.

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