Chic Scarlette [Dolly & Dotty]

Once upon a time black dresses just didn’t call to me. I wanted colour, prints, everything paired with red! All bold all the time, this bitch is underlined! Fast forward a few years to present day Amy and my tastes have changed several times over, these days favouring darker, rich tones, and definitely, finally, appreciative of a good black dress. And this Scarlette? Oh, she’s a good black dress.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the black Scarlette dress by Dolly & Dotty for a fit and sizing review

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Frilly Sundae [Hell Bunny]

Do I start singing Lonely Island’s ‘Lazy Sunday’ to myself every time I see this Frilly Sundae dress by Hell Bunny? Yes, of course I do. Am I embarrassed to admit that? No, of course I’m not. Is it a cute-ass dress? Yes, of course it is, let’s stop messing around with this nonsense and take a look at it!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the black Frilly Sundae dress gifted by Hell Bunny for a fit and size review

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