Dear Dolores [Collectif]

The Dolores Doll dress by Collectif has been around for years, as well as the top of the same name and style. Both have been available in a multitude of colours and prints, new colourways available every season as a staple that some pinups collect almost religiously.

I’ve owned two Dolores tops in the past, a polka dot and the feral leopard print, but as someone who opts for dresses 90% of the time over an outfit made up of paired separates, my Dolores’ were constantly overlooked and eventually passed on to people who would get more use out of them. I love peasant style tops, finding the display of the collarbone and shoulders really feminine, sexy and classy all at once. The only thing that gives me pause with peasants, though, is that sometimes I think the ruched sleeves can hit my arm in the wrong way and can highlight my chubby uppers, as we shall now call them. There’s nothing wrong with having a little arm squish going on–for all but maybe 10% of the population, I think, some degree of upper arm softness is a lifelong constant. But I don’t always want to showcase it. For that reason I stayed away from the Dolores dresses, thinking perhaps that ruched cuff sleeve would do me a disservice.

Buuuut. Then Collectif had a super, super killer sale lately to clear out summer stock ready for their AW pieces. Dolores dresses went from £50 a piece down to £12-14 each. I mean. Come on. What was I gonna do? I’m sure my arms can’t be that bad to pass up a bargain like that.

I bought the blue gingham Dolores thinking that the dress looked like it would be super comfortable, easy to wear and a great option for throwing on for optimal cuteness either when I was in a rush or when I needed something for the times comfort takes absolutely top priority, like for travelling or really long days out. I was absolutely right about that as the Dolores is all of those things I expected it might be. After a stressful day at work last week I put it on one evening for a bit of chill time in the garden, picking some of our apples and watching the sun start to set–and trying to avoid our cat popping into every picture, because she trailed me the entire time.

Collectif navy gingham Dolores dress Collectif navy gingham Dolores dressdolores2Collectif navy gingham Dolores dressCollectif navy gingham Dolores dressCollectif navy gingham Dolores dressCollectif navy gingham Dolores dress dolores7Collectif navy gingham Dolores dress Collectif navy gingham Dolores dress

When I owned my Dolores tops in the past I found the 14 was a touch too big on me when I was a size 12/14 and the 12 quite snug. I’ve gained inches all over since then, so I debated for a bit whether I would even need to size up into a 16, like I have been doing lately for wiggle dresses or zero-stretch swing dresses, particularly those with boning. Since the Dolores top was generously sized last time I tried one, though, and my recent Ginger dress fit me just fine in a 14, I opted for the 14 for this dress too, and my 33 inch waist fit no problem.

It’s a full circle skirt, so it takes petticoats gracefully, and it closes with a back zipper. For £13 in particular, it’s a goddamn steal. But at it’s usual retail price of £50, like the new AW prints will be–hello tartan! Cherries! Polka dots!–it’s still a well-fitted dress of quality and comfort that will serve you just as well for lazy days when comfort is key as for events and occasions. Overall, dare I say, I think I’ve become a convert. That new Tai Tartan dress may just have my name all over it…

I leave you now with my as-previously-mentioned cat, who is forever insistent about following me around shoots at home but never looks particularly happy to be included in them. What a diva.

Collectif navy gingham Dolores dress and cat

10 thoughts on “Dear Dolores [Collectif]

  1. Oh this is adorable! I, too, took advantage of the Collectif sale. How could I not?? Anyway, you look awesome in this style. I don’t think it highlights your “chubby uppers” at all! I love that nickname for your arms though – I may start using it! I, too, suffer from squishy upper arms. All the gals in my family do! Sigh. What are you gonna do!?

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    • Eh, chubby uppers is something almost everyone has and yet apart from the dreaded side-photos where it’s obvious, does anyone ever pay much attention to how chubby each other’s arms are? I know I don’t.


  2. I just bought my first top, in that same print…wish I had also seen the dresses selling for that price. I plan to buy more…it costs me a bit more to buy them being in the states, but I will own more! You look fantastic!

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    • Thank you! And yes, it’s definitely more affordable for you in the states once there’s a killer sale, what with delivery and customs tax. That’s why I try to get a discount code or a sale for most stuff I buy from the states.


  3. I just recently let my blue gingham Dolores go for the same reason, concern over showcasing my upper arms. Also, I love gingham in general but find myself not liking myself in this larger print. But you do look smashing in it. What’s your kitty diva’s name?

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