September Outfits Round Up

Autumn is here! And I have mostly been ignoring that fact! I keep meaning to bust out the mustard yellows and the plummy purples and the moody reds, but so far I’ve been wearing a lot of white after Labor Day like a bad bitch–Labor Day isn’t a thing here in the UK, so it doesn’t matter, but even if I was I still would not give up my white cardigans for anyone. Y’all can eat your fashion rules.

It’s been an awesome month. With my recent trip back to Frome to model again for Deadly Is The Female and a Very Potter Weekend spent with some of my darling pinup buddies touring the Harry Potter Studio Tour in pinup versions of our favourite Potter characters, there’s been some fun playtime in my wardrobe choices this month.

Click on the pictures for a closer look! You can find links in the description to any item that is still available to buy. Anything not linked is from a past season and cannot be found for purchase any longer and/or is not available to buy online.


Lemon gingham Priscilla dress from The Pretty Dress Company, New Look cropped white cardigan, PUG Red slide belt, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial here)


Rose Border Print Lydia dress by Pinup Girl Clothing & matching belt, old New Look wedges


A not as described eBay dress I won and altered the sleeves to folded off the shoulder, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial here)


Red Milan dress by Heart of Haute from Zoe Vine, hand bedazzled heels (tutorial here), eBay crystal bracelet and old New Look crystal hair slides


Discontinued Manhattan Gingham dress by Unique Vintage, PUG red slide belt, eBay wooden Bangles, eBay wine fake ponytail, old wedges


Peach Harley dress with matching belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, eBay fake ponytail and bangles, thrifted amber bangle, old wedges


Red, White & Blue Amanda dress by Pinup Girl Clothing with matching belt, old Truffle cobalt heels

20150909_174601000_iOS 1

Navy Molly dress with matching belt by Pinup Girl Clothing, eBay white bolero, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial here)


Joni dress by Voodoo Vixen worn for road trip travelling (hello comfort!)


Elizabeth bolero by Collectif, Chocolate Tartan Vanessa dress by Lindy Bop, PUG faux leather belt, eBay time turner, eBay Mary Jane heels

Cassandra dress by Chi Chi Clothing, old season New Look navy velour heels

October will see me jetting off for two weeks in America for a friend’s wedding in a lavish Art Deco hotel and a big chunk of time spent in Dallas with my The Brit & The Belle bestie Sarah Forshaw, where I intend to be as Brit-In-America as possible, so look forward to what hijinx that trip may cause in my usual outfit game. Will I be a stylish traveller as I frequently daydream, or will I become a swamp woman who forgets how to set her hair and lives in the same 3 sundresses? Time will only tell!

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