A Diva Attitude & A Diva Suit

You guys. We need to talk about the Diva Suit from Heart of Haute. Because look at it:

Heart of Haute Diva Suit


I have a pretty sizeable wardrobe and I love everything in it, but it might shock you that it’s not often I see an item of clothing for the first time and get a flip-flop true love at first sight feeling about it. More often than not, I’ll linger somewhere between liking and loving something, which is enough to buy it if I think it will work on me, but it’s only every once in a while I experience a burning want for something new, a fiery passion and a grabby-handed desire, a love so extreme I’m impatient to get my hands on it. This suit gave me those feels. Continue reading

Tartan Vixen

If you read my Titilated by Tartan blog post a few weeks ago listing the tartan/plaid options currently available in the retro clothing market then you’ll remember I was smitten with both of the tartan print dresses Voodoo Vixen have in their A/W line, the Lori dress and the Daphne wiggle dress. When I decided I had to own one of them it was a tough choice as to which I should get–I loved Daphne more but I don’t often wear wiggles, yet while the Lori was super cute with the tied pinafore straps, it also lacked the full skirt that I require almost all my non-wiggle dresses to have. What to dooo, what to dooo.

In the end I got the Lori, and though I’d still love the Daphne I’m glad I got this dress of the two. Being a pinafore dress means it can be worn alone but is also perfect for winter because it’s so easy to layer this dress with various tops or shirts you might add beneath it to not only keep warm but change up the look. For this post I went with a clean crisp shirt underneath to show how versatile the dress is in addition to the obvious styling choices of adding roll neck jumpers, cardigans, boat neck tops, bardots…all sorts!

tartanv1 Continue reading