A Diva Attitude & A Diva Suit

You guys. We need to talk about the Diva Suit from Heart of Haute. Because look at it:

Heart of Haute Diva Suit


I have a pretty sizeable wardrobe and I love everything in it, but it might shock you that it’s not often I see an item of clothing for the first time and get a flip-flop true love at first sight feeling about it. More often than not, I’ll linger somewhere between liking and loving something, which is enough to buy it if I think it will work on me, but it’s only every once in a while I experience a burning want for something new, a fiery passion and a grabby-handed desire, a love so extreme I’m impatient to get my hands on it. This suit gave me those feels.

I had already been thinking for a while that I wanted a classic suit jacket or blazer to pair with pencil skirts, but I hadn’t had any luck in finding any that really worked both for the look I was picturing and for my shape. I wanted something classic, flattering, and a little bit sassy. You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to find that, especially since retro styled clothing is designed to be well-fitted, but I was having trouble.

And then I saw this Diva Suit. My, my. It is so perfect it hurt me to look at it. So I was positively giddy when I finally got my hands on it, care of HoH.

It is everything I hoped it would be.

Black Diva Suit Heart of Haute Black Diva Suit Heart of Haute Black Diva Suit Heart of HauteBlack Diva Suit Heart of HautedivaskirtBlack Diva Suit Heart of Haute

This suit comprises a high waisted flared pencil skirt and a peplum jacket with a deep plunge. Made from ponte verona, a fabric that doesn’t wrinkle and skims over lumps and bumps, these pieces are not only soft and comfortable, but also flattering and of substantial enough weight that this suit would be a warm and stylish option for winter. Plus, you don’t need to iron them. Bonus!

The plunge on the jacket, on me at least, was so substantial that I had to wear a super low plunge bra with it. If this doesn’t work for you it’s very easy to layer a camisole or blouse underneath to give that little extra cleavage coverage–another toasty option for winter–and to make it workplace appropriate. For these pictures I wanted to show you the full cleavage to give you a good idea of how that plunge works, but in future I think adding a pretty bra underneath as part of the look would create something a little bit naughty and glamorous; I can imagine that the Dita Von Teese Von Follies Her Sexcellency overwire bra would look stunning peeking out under this jacket and would still avoid looking overly booby.

Black Diva Suit Heart of HauteBlack Diva Suit Heart of HauteBlack Diva Suit Heart of Haute

I ordered the XL for this following the HoH size charts–I’m 39″-33″-43″ currently–and it fit perfectly at the waist with some room everywhere else, which makes perfect sense as the XL measurements on the chart actually allow for 39-42″ bust, 32-33″ waist, and 41-44″ hips. The skirt is 30″ long, so it’s a great length for a chic and conservative look, unlike most modern pencil skirts which have the infuriating habit of often finishing above the knee. I typically find blazers and jackets can be tight or restrictive on me across my shoulders and back, but I had zero problem with that in this piece.

Heart of Haute is a mother-daughter team of owners and designers Mandie Bee & Teresa Becker. With their clothing designed, cut to order and sewn locally in San Dimas, California, HoH is proud to be an ethically made in the USA business who make most of their pieces to order. It’s lovely to know you’re buying a garment designed and made with care, and without sweatshop labour.

The Diva jacket ($68) and skirt ($64) are available as separates in black, red, navy and ivory, the latter being a stunning bridal option for ladies who aren’t interested in wearing a big gown for their big day. Heart of Haute ship internationally, and require 7-10 business days to complete and ship their orders as they are made to order. Personally I can attest to the fact that it’s well worth the wait.

Black Diva Suit Heart of Haute

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