Sweet, Fair Isabella [Lady V London]

The Isabella dress by Lady V London isn’t a new design for the company, but as it’s rapidly approaching summer they’ve added a lovely selection of new prints to their SS line of the style. When an email announcing as such hit my inbox last week the pink rose on cream floral colourway immediately caught my eye. A few days later, thanks to the generosity of Lady V, I had it in my happy little hands (and on my body) ready to show you why I fell for it.

isabella rose cream lady v london

I love this colourway. I know that will surprise some of you as I am nothing if not outspoken about my almost-all-encompassing hatred of the colour pink, but one of the few ways I can not only stand the shade, but indeed like it, is when included in floral prints, especially when balanced out with touches of green or blue. This print, therefore, is perfect. The cream background keeps this print from being ‘too girly’ for a girl like me whose sentiments typically run somewhere between the bold and the classic, and the latter is certainly a perfect word for this print.

Made from stretch cotton, this dress closes with a back zipper and features a sweetheart neckline topped with a bow. That bow, though, is a detachable, which I think is great. While I love that the mint bow beautifully ties in the mint trim on the bust and sleeves, I know plenty of women find bows too fussy or, busty women especially, can be loathe to draw extra attention to the bust of their dress with an eye-catching feature such as that. The fact that this bow is removable means you can rock it both ways depending on what mood you’re in, and for this post I decided to wear the dress sans bow with a simple belt to show the dress doesn’t lose any of it’s loveliness without that figurative cherry on top.


The detachable bow

It was a slightly breezy but gorgeously sunny day this past Saturday, so I threw on the dress and went out to do a bit of frolicking in the fields because that country girl mentality dies hard, y’all.

isabella dress lady v londonisabella dress lady v london

isabella dress lady v london

I ain’t afraid of no gate

isabella dress lady v london

isabella dress lady v london

Casual stile pinup perchin’

isabella dress lady v londonisabella dress lady v londonisabella dress lady v londonisabella dress lady v london

The bustline of this dress is quite modest, meaning it’s great for workwear, ladies who prefer a more conservative cut, and busty ladies who like to wrangle their ample goods rather than display them. The skirt is flared but not a full circle, which is another way this dress lends itself to perfect workwear or other conservative occasions as it lacks the showyness of my usual massively fluffy and bottom-heavy skirted silhouette. There is room for a subtle petticoat underneath if desired, as I’ve demonstrated by wearing one in the pictures above, but otherwise it’s a dress that will hang and skim pleasantly, something I know a lot of my readers prefer over a big skirt.

The Isabella dress is super comfortable, runs true to size, which is always a relief for taking the guesswork out of online shopping, and is just a perfect number for throwing on for an easy, cute outfit as easily as it can be dressed up for something smarter.

The colourway I’m wearing is almost sold out, but don’t worry as it’ll be restocked, most likely in mid-June, a little birdie tells me. In the meantime there are 9 prints total, covering polka dots, leopard print, and a range of florals covering the classic, the bold and one a little bit tropical feeling, and also including the black and red rose print that readers may recognise from their sold out and much beloved Roxy Rocks sleeved dress from their AW line.


The popular red and black rose print

The Isabella dress is available up to a UK size 30, costs £45, and is available from Ladyvlondon.com.

1 thought on “Sweet, Fair Isabella [Lady V London]

  1. LOVE it! Looks a lot like one of my favorites from our favorite brand, but more pocketbook-friendly 😉 My favorite colorways are the rose print ones, so pretty.


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