Petticoat Heaven – Malco Modes + GIVEAWAY

I’ve wanted to try the Malco Modes petticoats for a long time, since seeing pictures of what appeared to be the fluffiest looking petticoats I’ve ever seen. Finally I’ve got my hot little hands on a Jennifer petticoat, thanks to the lovely team over at Malco Modes, and my goodness, this petticoat is my new favourite thing.


I make no secret of the fact that I am a petticoat addict: I love my skirts so big that I wear 2 petticoats under almost all of my skirts, and foresake my puffy-rumped look only when a skirt is not capable of graciously housing a double helping of fluff. Considering this fondness for floof, you would think I would be an owner of a vast array of expensive, exquisite soft petticoats, none of that scratchy eBay nonsense you can get for £15. But no. I do own the cheap pettiskirts. I own several cheap ones because they allow for easy and comfortable layering to achieve my desired look.

But here’s what I have now discovered; I wouldn’t have needed to own multiple cheap petticoats if I had invested in one single good quality, voluminous petticoat that gets the job done all on its own. And the Jennifer petticoat by Malco Modes certainly does that.

I love how full this skirt is. It meets my abundant circumference needs comfortably. And speaking of comfort, it awards me exactly that. This is the softest petticoat I’ve ever touched, a puffy little black cloud that brings joy instead of rain. I’ve worn it a few times already and the novelty of such fluffiness still hasn’t worn off, to the extent that I keep tugging up my skirt and urging my friends to touch it just to prove how soft it is. Slightly awkward in public, but I’m not even sorry.


Without petticoat – Petticoat alone – With petticoat

This petticoat is a great one-for-all piece because it comes in sizes that cover waists from 21inches to 54inches, an impressive size range I’ve yet to see covered by other petticoat companies I’ve come across. The Jennifer petticoat comes in a dazzling range of 25 colours, costs $59.99, and is my new favourite pinup essential. If you want something shorter, less full, or even more voluminous, Malco Modes has a range of 10 different petticoats in total which means they’re bound to have whatever you are looking for, which is no surprise since they’re the world’s oldest and largest petticoat producing company, offering quality luxury goods handmade in the USA. They offer international shipping, and as of this blog post they are offering a little something else: the chance for you to win your own Jennifer petticoat!

I’m very excited to be hosting an international giveaway for one of you lucky lovelies to win your own gorgeous Jennifer petticoat, in the colour of your choice.

All you have to do is scroll to the entry link below and tick the boxes of every entry you submit. You can gain entries by doing some or all of the following things:
– Comment below which colour petticoat you would like to win
– Like the Malco Modes Facebook page
– Follow @Malcomodes on Twitter
– Follow @malcomodes on Instagram
– Follow myself on Instagram @miss_amy_may

That’s a whole lot of chances to win one of these beauties for yourself! Now what are you waiting for, ladies? Get entering! Contest begins Wednesday 12th November and ends Wednesday 19th November. Winner will be chosen the next day and contacted by email.

 ENTER HERE WITH THE >>> Rafflecopter giveaway <<< WIDGET
 ENTER HERE WITH THE >>> Rafflecopter giveaway <<< WIDGET
 ENTER HERE WITH THE >>> Rafflecopter giveaway <<< WIDGET

If you want to check out the Jennifer petticoat then you can find them here. If you want to peruse all the Malco Modes petticoat lines you can find them at The Malco Modes facebook page can be found at

One final thing: Good luck!

59 thoughts on “Petticoat Heaven – Malco Modes + GIVEAWAY

  1. Wow, how pretty these petticoats are! I would love to have one in light blue to match my white and blue gingham skirt.
    Thank you for this giveaway and for your pinup tips and tricks!


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