Pinafore Playsuit Playtime [Collectif]

Collectif green Talis swing skirt Talis Pinafore top

If I were to say the phrase ‘Hands up if you think Miss Amy May would wear a playsuit pinafore set with side cut-outs’ not only would I expect nobody to raise their hands, but I would make a huge point of shoving mine firmly and roughly into my armpits, warm and safe in the comfortable folds of my stubborn body.

I’ve worn a dress in the past that had a large cut-out in the midriff and I did a whole enthusiastic blog post about it–I did, here, you can even see for yourself. But, you see, that was a couple of dress sizes and a whooole lot of lbs ago. And that doesn’t mean I can’t wear such items of clothing now that I’m nearer a size 18 than a 12, it just means that, you know, it’s a less comfortable prospect for me right now. Because, absolutely, I 100% still stand by my feelings that everyone should get to wear whatever they want, no matter their size, gender, or anything else, really, that people try to use as an excuse to dictate how and why people should dress themselves to please others and not themselves. I will never not believe that. Continue reading


In Love With Iris [Louella DeVille]

Iris Frenchie Dress Louella DeVille Clothing YOSPS

In case you haven’t heard of Louella DeVille, I’m here to do you a favour by telling you: y’all, you need to know about Louella DeVille. It might spark your sense of recognition if I tell you that this clothing line is designed by and sold through what was once Your One Stop Pinup Shop, an Australian pinup boutique that has in the past included brick-and-mortar stores, pinup pamper photography session packages and, a while back, the original beginnings of this clothing line, before owner Bek’s lovely daughter began to walk and Bek put the line on hold.

Over the following years as her little girl grew, Bek grew her business with those Australian stores, as well as photographing hundreds of ladies in their pinup finest in her studio. Last year Bek moved the store entirely online, becoming Louella DeVille Boutique, and recently, finally, the time came for her to bring her ideas of her own vintage inspired clothing line back out to play. Continue reading

Watercolour Reflections [Miss Fortune]

Sometimes you see a skirt and you know you want it right away. For me, that often happens with landscape border print skirts. I find border print skirts are so uniquely vintage in style that they capture the attention and imagination of people from all walks of life. When I wear one out and about, a middle-aged lady might might stop me the pedestrian crossing to fawn over my Italian landscape skirt. A trendy guy my own age might pause on public stairs to let me by and tell me as I go that he thinks my outfit is great, with the skyline of Paris swishing at my knees. The worker behind the supermarket till might take a moment to ask about my Venice city skirt before we begin ringing up my groceries. People just like a good landscape print, I think. So it’s no surprise that as soon as I saw this Miss Fortune Amsterdam print skirt I was smitten, and so too have been many people that I’ve encountered while wearing it.

Miss Fortune UK Boardwalk Amsterdam Reflections in Watercolour Skirt Continue reading

London Edge Spring/Summer 2017 

It’s that time of year again: I’m fresh back from my trip to London Edge and I’ve got all the previews you want ready in my handy-dandy round up.


London Edge outfit, Jade dress + Lucy cardigan C/O Collectif

For those of you that don’t know what London Edge is, it’s an alternative fashion trade show held twice a year to display the new season’s upcoming collections from the exhibiting vendors. Stockists of the brands attend to decide which items they want to order for their stores and websites, and bloggers are often invited to cover the releases for their readers. For vintage-style loving ladies, that means seeing the new lines of favourites such as Collectif, Hell Bunny, Voodoo Vixen, Banned/Dancing Days, Unique Vintage, Seamstress of Bloomsbury, and many more. Basically, there’s a lot of very pretty stuff all on display under one roof. Continue reading

A Dress Called Lana [Vivien of Holloway]

We may be gearing up to move into spring, but this autumn/winter season I developed a serious thing for burgundy and I don’t see that affection going away any time soon. It’s not even that I didn’t like the colour before only to suddenly see the merit in it, but my liking of it increased so suddenly you might be forgiven for thinking that the case. Possibly my normal obsession with red simply spread wider at the edges, encompassing the moodier, darker iterations of the shade, but no matter how it came to be, where it brought me was to the here and now, with my claret Lana dress.

Vivien of Holloway are renowned for producing their staple dress designs in dozens of different colours and patterns, leading to ladies with collections of Halter Neck Circle Dresses or Sarong sets. I noticed the Lana dress for the first time perhaps the winter before this one, so I’m not sure if that was it’s first release or whether I was just blissfully ignorant before then. What struck me most about this design was the beautiful draping of the neckline. I’m not really a 40s girl when it comes to my own wardrobe, much as I appreciate the styles, but when it came to Lana, I had little choice in the matter. Pass over that drape-age?  I think not. I could resist the style  when it came mainly in dark florals, but once this claret was released, I was powerless.

Claret Lana Dress vivien of Holloway Continue reading

Sky Blue, Gingham Too [Collectif]

Collectif Blue Jade swing dress Red gingham Lucy Cardigan

I feel like every season I say Collectif has outdone their last season, and yet here we are again, with li’l ol’ me fully in love with Collectif’s SS17. The particular torture of this love affair is that I actually got to view the line last September, so I’ve had 5 months of remembering what beauties lie ahead of us and eagerly awaiting the releases with grabby hands while also not trying to wish time away purely for the sake of clothes. But, you know, I was tempted to. Because if you haven’t seen Collectif’s new offerings rolling in to the New In section on their website, you might want to take a little look at the new arrivals, as well as at their Lookbook to see what other magic they’ve got in store for us. Continue reading

Lookin’ Bangin’ [Classy Rebel]


I’ve never had a fringe, ever, in my whole life. Not even a sad blunt one in childhood imposed against my will. I had blonde, ringlet-curly hair as a young child that turned into brown curly-frizzy hair by the time I was around 8 years old, growing darker and somewhat more frizzy as I grew older. The idea of introducing a fringe into that equation and lumbering myself with something I had to wash, style and possibly straighten on a near daily basis seemed like a burden there was little point in entertaining, even as around me I watched almost every female peer I had get trendy sweeping bangs cut in. Continue reading