June Outfits Round Up 

June, ah. You started so well. Then came the rain. So much rain. There was a period in the middle there where it genuinely felt like the start of autumn, very confusing when new summer dresses were turning up in pretty parcels on my doorstep. Amidst all the water, it was a long and sometimes-difficult month, with social meet-ups sometimes put behind the need to stay home and recoup with some blanket time and Netflix. Saying that, there’s still been some outfits from this month that I really loved. Here’s hoping July will be brighter and better all round!


Bouquet Milan Dress by Heart of Haute and Kelly Green Cropped Cardigan both from Doll Me Up, Felicity Double Orchid hair flower by Daisy Jean Florals, Erin Wicker bag by Banned from Audrey Star’s Boutique, old season H&M flats

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Getting Reacquainted With Bernie

My first and only ever review of Bernie Dexter dresses was over a year and a half ago, when I was very new to blogging and still fairly new to being a pinup. At that time I’d tried several repro clothing brands but not nearly as many as I have now. My wardrobe had quickly and largely become full of Pinup Girl Clothing, still my favourite brand for top quality retro inspired pieces offered in a variety of styles and at a reasonable price for the high quality presented.

Comparatively, the Bernie Dexter dresses I tried were…kind of disappointing. I had a bad experience with the delivery, since UPS can be a pain in the ass to receive an international parcel from, as they don’t pre-alert you of the customs fee demanded upon delivery and arranging pre-delivery can be tricky sometimes. That aside, I opened my package of 3 Bernie dresses to discover they were shorter than, less well fitted, and made of less fabric than the dresses I was accustomed to, as well as being unlined and lightweight. And despite all that, they were more expensive than my usual Pinup Girl Clothing buys, which aren’t exactly cheap themselves. Add in the hugely costly shipping and custom fees and I was not just disappointed but massively out of pocket. Continue reading

Traveling with Tammy [Collectif]

I have a thing for vintage luggage. If you follow Junebugs and Georgia Peaches’s blog, or Amanda’s Modernjunecleaver Instagram account then you’ll have likely caught sight of her impressive and enviably vintage luggage collection. It’s the true embodiment of the meme-tastic GOALS sentiment.

Amanda/ModernJuneCleaver's amazing closet and luggage collection

Amanda/ModernJuneCleaver’s amazing closet and luggage collection (Picture from her Instagram)

Saying all that, I actually only own a couple pieces of vintage hand luggage. I don’t travel a huge amount, mostly taking day trips or weekends away, so I just have a vanity case in red and one in black so that I have something to match any potential outfit. My two cases get used as perfume and hair styling apparatus holders while I’m at home, since they’re a nice useful size for storing small things, but they’re only really usable as a single piece of luggage for one-night stay trips and nothing longer. I’m pretty rubbish at scouting out true vintage though; I live in the countryside where a trip to any town that will likely throw up vintage wonders is 30mins-1hour in the car, at least, and on weekends I’m typically so busy closer to home that I can’t block out a few hours to go scouring through racks and stacks, miles of piles, cases and boxes and rails. Continue reading

Jenny in Venice [Pinup Girl Clothing]

The Italian Landscape Jenny skirt by Pinup Girl Clothing is not a new piece to me, technically. I first bought this skirt over two years ago, as my first PUG piece, and it still remains one of my favourite items of clothing of all time. It’s saddened me, therefore, that due to my weight gain in the past year I haven’t been able to wear my Venice Jenny either without some incredibly cinched discomfort and/or some serious muffin top that I’ve had to hide with a thick belt.

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Ambling in Ambleside [Hell Bunny]

If you know anything about me at all it’s probably that I love nautical style clothes. Navy, white, red, they just go together so beautifully, and there’s something timeless and fun about nautical themed pieces, whether they’re simple colourblock styles or nautical themed prints.

When I was a little girl, I had a pale blue nautical style sailor-girl dress that I loved. Since it was the 80s, our family had three of these dresses in different sizes, so that me and my two elder sisters could match. Maybe that’s where my nautical love all began, who knows. What I do know is that my love has never waned, if anything intensifying over the years, so when I spotted the nautical offerings from Hell Bunny’s SS16 range, I was sold.

I already reviewed the Marin dress from Hell Bunny earlier this season, a seaside themed printed dress which I love and constantly wear, so I figured now it was time to review one of their simpler, navy pieces.

It’s time to take a countryside amble in the Ambleside dress.

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Clogs on the Cheap 

There are many different vintage-style shoes from the eras gone by, each offering something unique and specific to finish off your outfit pairings. On the whole, I find that my vintage sensibilities don’t stretch as far into the footwear world as they do the clothing sphere, so typically you can expect to find my outfits finished off with a cute pair of ballet flats, wedge sandals or faux suede peeptoe heels even when that’s not authentic.

Lately, I’ve been branching out a little in this respect, looking up more vintage styles and mentally trying to shuffle them into my wardrobe to see if I feel that the shoe fits–I’m sorry, I had to. (I’m not sorry, I’m actually quite pleased with that one, if I’m honest.)

A style of shoe I’ve recently been pondering over and have been surprised to find myself drawn to is the vintage-style clog sandal. I do love summer wedges or sandals that have a wooden or faux wooden finish on the base of the shoe, so that part easily appeals to me, but on the whole the style is bulkier than I tend to find appealing. For that reason, while I wanted to experiment with introducing a pair into my shoe selection, I was wary of spending out on some of the pricier, well-known established clog brands, such as Swedish Hasbeens.

F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals

F&F Wood Look Open Toe Sandals

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I Wanna See You Peacock [Hell Bunny]

Yes, the title of this post is from a Katy Perry song. No, I’m not sorry. And you know why not? Because I live in the British countryside and, most randomly, a wild peacock has recently started to make frequent visits to our garden.

I know. It sounds like I’m making it up, but I’m not. I’ve named him Albert and he likes to also visit next door, where he helps himself to the bird feeder on our neighbour’s patio. We have no idea where he’s come from, as he comes by every day, morning and night, and while we live close to two farms bearing peacock enclosures, both swear he doesn’t belong to either of them.

So, you know, there was only one thing for it. I had to get a peacock dress and make friends with him. It’s the logical next step in this situation, right? Thanks to Hell Bunny, I could make that happen.

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Mexicana Magic [Love UR Look]

Earlier in the year I attended London Edge to preview the SS16 releases from many different vintage inspired brands. Having featured Love Ur Look here on the blog last summer, I was eager to drop by their booth to see their new offerings for this season and to meet their owner and designer Ronke in person, who was even more lovely and charming than I had anticipated. As we chatted on and on about our favourite aspects of vintage styles, my eyes couldn’t help but roam the racks of new pretties on display around us. The Mexicana dress was an immediate stand-out for me and I couldn’t help but fawn a little over the print.

I took home a little postcard showing off some of their upcoming pieces, the Mexicana dress pictured front and centre, and pinned it to the magnetic chalk board I keep beside my computer, my blogging and reminders board, just in case there was any chance I could forget that dress. There wasn’t. I couldn’t wait for it to come out. And now, finally, the time has come. Let’s see if you’re as obsessed with it as I am.

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You’re So Trixie [Trashy Diva] 

Okay, it’s official. I have a thing for Trashy Diva. My wishlist has become suddenly and alarmingly full, but can you blame me? With their chambray, their gingham, their seersucker, oh my! What’s a girl supposed to do, really, other than develop the urge to put everything into her cart?

So many of their pieces have a lovely southern flare, evoking hot, lazy summer days spent sipping lemonade and sheltering in the shade, even for those of us who only know of these things from books and movies and daydreams. After recently buying and loving their Seersucker Apple Tart dress, I was itching to choose my next purchase. Enter the dress of my chambray dreams, Trixie.

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