November Outfits Round Up

YOU GUYS, CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I’m aware not everyone celebrates that holiday, nor even that everyone even likes it, but I start thinking about Christmas in about mid October, at the latest, and I only have 3 gifts left to buy, so I’m already feeling pretty tingly with the festive spirit. As such, it’s taken a real effort of restraint not to start incorporating that feeling into my outfits this month, but I managed to resist and instead focused on the fact that it still feels a lot like the height of autumn thanks to the autumn leaves that are still holding strong out there–isn’t the autumn colour normally done by now?? It feels so weird to still have plenty of trees left to change their leaves, let alone lose them.

Still, for now I’ll try to keep my humming of Christmas songs quiet enough that most people can’t hear them, while I mentally begin to plan all my December outfits for maximum festivity!

Vivianne-Lou dress by Miss Candyfloss, black Lola Von Rose bag, old New Look booties

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October Outfits Round Up

October was kind of a quiet month, I feel like my friends spent a lot of it being sick or busy so it both dragged and rushed by with the decrease of usual socialising. But the leaves are turning and it’s getting a bit crisp out without being too cold yet, so I’m loving the true arrival of Autumn. Plus, judge me if you must, but I’m already starting to feel festive! So bring it on, November, I’m ready to celebrate the birthdays of some of my favourites and then begin my Christmas gift shopping!

Sabrina top from Deadly is the Female, Jasmine Evergreen check skirt by Collectif, vintage brooch, old heels

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March Outfits Round Up

Spring is heeere (mostly) and it is glorious. I’ve loved fishing out my summer dresses from storage to swap them for my darker, heavier winter duds. Tropical prints, bright colours and pastels have made me so happy to throw on each time I go out, making me feel like spring even on days that the weather perhaps hasn’t done it’s part in representing the season. Plus, I’m so excited that even more SS17 releases will be trickling out over the next month or two, so bring on the summery dresses!

Talis swing skirt & top in green by Collectif, Ice Blue Tootsie Cropped Cardigan from Doll Me Up, Ivory Blossom Falls hairclips by Alternate Normality, old F&F wedges, Luxulite brooch, assorted old bangles, old Primark hat

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December Outfits Round Up

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it’s pretty easy to use the month of December as an excuse to get a little bit more fancy, glittery and glitzy than usual, and that’s what I did. This winter I’ve been drawn to darker colours than I perhaps have been in the past, so it was nice this month to indulge in some metallics and tulle here and there to mix things up. Plus, I’ve been changing up my hair more regularly with the help of some clip in Bettie bangs and some practice at beehives, so that’s been fun too. Now let’s hope I still fit in some of my dresses in the New Year after all the festive scoffing!


Black & white Eva Marie dress by Unique Vintage, self bedazzled flats (tutorial), Primark necklace,  Jennifer petticoat by Malco Modes

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November Outfits Round Up

CHRISTMAS IS COMING, CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I know, November is too early for a lot of people to be getting into the spirit, but the urge to embrace the festive feels in my outfits started early this month. I tried my best to minimise the pairing of red and green together as obnoxiously as I wanted to, so instead you can expect lots of dark, rich colours as November got definitively chilly and sometimes wet.

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July Outfits Round Up

After a kind of funky June that left me a bit tired and fed up, I’m pleased to report that July was a much better month. We actually had some summer (a big deal for us Brits, rain-sodden and perpetually cloud-shrouded as we are,) there was a lot of great quality time with family and friends, and there were outfits, as always, lots of outfits.

As usual, you can find links in the description to any item that is still available to buy. Anything not linked is from a past season and cannot be found for purchase any longer and/or is not available to buy online from the website from which I purchased it. To help give you some clarification that might make it easier for you to find certain items, please note that an item listed as ‘by’ a brand was designed by that brand, but items listed ‘from’ means that website merely sells the item and is not the designer, meaning you may be able to find it elsewhere with some searching.


Sunday Picnic Red Gingham Penelope dress by Hearts and Found, White Cropped Cardigan by New Look, White cut out flats by Matalan

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May Outfits Round Up

May means one thing to me: it’s mah birthday month! Half of this month’s outfits have been worn to a myriad of celebrations held in the name of my birth, because I’m one of those obnoxious people who love birthdays and gleefully drag mine out for at least two weeks, if not longer. My 30th will no doubt hold the record in this sense, as scheduling difficulties mean my final celebration doesn’t take place until mid-June, but I promise that this outfit wrap up post will be the last mention of the B word now until someone else’s comes along to claim that. At least it offers you a variety of outfits, from evening glam to picnic cute.


Striped Poppy dress by Dolly & Dotty, Red Poppy Field Brooch by Erstwilder, Royal Blue Cropped Cardigan from Pinup Girl Clothing, Red grommets belt, old season heels

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March Outfits Round Up 

IT’S HERE! Spriiiing. That beautiful time I’ve been waiting for since…well, New Year’s, basically. The weather has still been pretty wet and cold here in the south of England, but the sun has finally started to make more regular appearances and I’ve been feeling happy and snappy about that in my wardrobe. Florals, pastels, summer brights, it’s our time to love and rejoice together!


Joni dress by Voodoo Vixen, Red Poppy Brooch by Erstwilder, Red Sateen Slide belt by Pinup Girl clothing, hand bedazzled flats (tutorial)

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