Going Dotty [Dolly & Dotty]

Polka dots is one of the patterns that’s prevalent in the vintage inspired clothing realm. It wasn’t something I ever thought much about until I saw someone comment somewhere on social media that they hated polka dots and how common they were in repro clothing. Personally I quite like a small or medium sized dot, especially when done in black and white, but I share an aversion to very large polka dots which feel more costumey to me, so I can understand their complaint. There are plenty of ways to wear spots without looking too twee nor too rote, though, and today I want to focus on one of my favourite ways–playing with texture and layers.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Polka Dot May crossover bust swing dress gifted by Dolly & Dotty for a fit and size review

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Korinna in the Meadow [Miss Candyfloss]

With July right around the corner, there’s a fair bit of summer left still to play out, but sadly it’s the end of Miss Candyfloss’s SS21 season, with all of their newest pretties fully released to the world. It might have been their most patterned spring-summer line yet, but as always with Miss Candyfloss they released plenty of beautiful solid coloured pieces which make for wonderful staples in your wardrobe. This Korrina-Minty is one such piece, a lovely pale sage swing dress that offers simplicity and style in one lightweight summer serving.

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Purple Alice [Hearts and Roses London]

I don’t wear a lot of purple but I associate it with my mum and my best friend Menna, so it’s certainly a special colour. This dress in particular, with its bruised burgundy, lush lilacs and rich aubergine, definitely gives me English country garden vibes, so I figure where better to showcase it than my very own English country garden, in the sunshine.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Alice Floral Swing dress gifted by Hearts and Roses London for a fit and size review

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Jolene, Jolene, Jolene [Hearts and Roses London]

Florals upon florals is what I’m all about right now, because my favourite part of spring is watching all the flowers take their turn. Seeing the daffodils spring up makes my drive to work much more pleasant, watching as all the blossoms begin to fuzz up the trees and hedgerows in white and soft pinks makes my heart happy, and by the time we get to bluebells season I’m fully content. We’ve got a little time before the latter is here in full force, but my god, wearing a pretty floral dress near some blossoms is one of life’s simplest joys for me these days.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Jolene Floral dress gifted by Hearts and Roses London for a fit and size review

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Candice in Climbing Vines [Collectif]

Border prints are one of my favourite parts of vintage design because they just aren’t commonly utilized in modern fashion. I used to be quite happy to wear quite novelty border prints, but novelty tempts me less so these days. A simple graphic print, though, I still find lovely, and this Danube print by Collectif is certainly lovely.

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May modelling the Candice Danube floral swing dress gifted by Collectif Clothing for a fit and size review

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Chic in the Prairie [Unique Vintage]

A LBD is widely thought of as its owner’s good ol’ reliable; the multi-purpose black dress that will always leave you feeling comfortable and confident. For several years the concept seemed somewhat strange to me as I always gravitated towards colour and almost never found myself reaching for the black I included in my wardrobe for purely practical reasons. Now, though, I love a black dress, and have more than one LBD in my wardrobe that feel like glamorous comfort blankets. But this Prairie dress by Unique Vintage–oh, she could never be a comfort blanket, never mind a glamorous one. She’s left me feeling inspired!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the black Prairie swing dress and black cartwheel sun hat by Unique Vintage for a fit and sizing review

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Gingham Maxine [Unique Vintage]

If there’s one thing that screams summer to me, it’s gingham. It can absolutely be worn year round, of course, but for me it will always feel like a joyous welcome to spring when I pack away my heavier, darker winter dresses and pull all of my summer dresses out of storage, gingham right at the top of the pile. The first time I wear gingham each season on a fresh, sunny day feels like turning the page on a new book. It always reminds me of daffodils, of picnics, of sun hats. Today’s gingham number will be a marvelous addition to my summer collection!

Plus size pinup Miss Amy May models the Black gingham Maxine dress by Unique Vintage for a fit and sizing review

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Little Leopard Trim [Dolly & Dotty]

While I have become quite a leopard print devotee over the past few years, I can still understand how the print might not be the top choice for many folks. Wearing it requires confidence–and a healthy scoop of sass in some instances–but there’s plenty of ways to utilize the print for those who don’t feel totally at home rocking a full leopard print item of clothing. Instead, one could opt for a leopard print statement accessory in a headscarf, handbag. or pair of shoes. Or, simpler still, one could grab this leopard trimmed Cindy dress by Dolly & Dotty, which has the perfect splash of leopard designed for you.

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