The Pinup Wedding Guest

We pinups love to get our glam on, so you’d think an invite to a wedding would be a lovely excuse to bust out our best finery and indulge in our utmost glamour. Depending on the formality of the wedding in question, the temperament of the wedding party and the guests, and the glam level of your aforementioned finery, sometimes, though, being a pinup invited to a wedding can be a difficult situation in terms of clothes.

The 50s style is feminine, classic and elegant, but it’s also equal parts glamorous, sexy and attention-grabbing. A swing dress that displays no cleavage and little leg can still easily make you the centre of attention by pure virtue of the fact that it’s an unusual style for anyone to sport head-to-toe these days, let alone factoring in the attention a petticoated full skirt is likely to garner.

In my daily pinup life I dress however I want and it doesn’t bother me to get stares, but as a woman attending a wedding I like to look both lovely and appropriate in the photos without being perceived as attempting to upstage the bride by out-glamming her or overdressing–never something I would do deliberately, but some people can come to weddings in rather casual dress, automatically making others looked overdressed by comparison. Given that, as it’s someone else’s special day, I prefer to dress as if part of the beautiful set dressing of the day as a whole so I can focus on sharing the joy with everyone rather than dressing intentionally to wow and then worrying if I’ve overdone it.

Thus, my personal rule with weddings for my own attire is that it’s easier to err on the side of caution and find a way to represent my true pinup self without inviting strangers to cast their own opinion. If you, too, share those same feelings when you get a wedding invite, I wanted to share with you my two top tips for keeping your style on point without unintentionally eliciting sharp tendencies in others. My two style rules for wedding attire is to dress sweetly or dress chicly.

There is absolutely no reason for you to give up your pinup sentimentality when picking your outfit for a wedding or reception, but if you opt for something demure or classically stylish then you’re likely to evoke a more wedding-appropriate vintage vibe than if you go full force for the glam or the kitsch. These days people are gleefully adopting fascinators at a wedding, but when you add a fascinator to a full pinup ensemble it can look burlesque and glamorous and fabulous–three things that the stylishly-challenged can get offended by. So, you don’t have to be scared of wearing a fascinator, but be prepared to have to tone down your look in other areas to soften your style overall. Maybe swap out your red lipstick for a softer shade, or wear a smart swing dress rather than a tight wiggle. Wear lower heels. Leave off the seamed stockings. It often only takes one tweak or two to achieve a quieter but still polished version of your usual look.

I’ve been to two weddings for friends so far this year, and I took a different dressing tact for each. To attend my friend Steph’s wedding in March I decided to go soft and demure in this feminine and wistful mint spotted Unique Vintage Garden State dress.

Unique Vintage Garden State dress in mint, vintage box purse, old Monsoon heels, handmade hair flowers

Unique Vintage Garden State dress in mint, vintage box purse, old Monsoon heels, handmade hair flowers

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#JennyJuly: We Did It Again!

For those of you who may not know, earlier this year I began an Insta-event called Jenny January. Lovers of the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirts and dresses were invited to wear their Jenny pieces during the week of January 12th-18th. I asked ladies to post their Jenny outfits on Instagram and to use the #JennyJanuary hashtag so that other ladies could check out their outfit combinations for style inspiration, to share stories about what their first Jenny was, explain why their favourite Jenny is their favourite, share why a certain Jenny print took a while to win them over, etc, and to generally chat to new ladies on the app they might not have yet come across.

It was a huge success, with hundreds of photos being shared, and at the time I was so thrilled with the event I came incredibly close to announcing that we should do it again in June. I put the idea aside for a few months, decided June was too busy for me anyway, and then when I was asked by a few different girls whether I would consider bringing it back during the summer J months, I cracked. Jenny July was on!

This time around the main week long event was July 13th-19th, and once again it was a wonderful event. Since January Pinup Girl Clothing have released 7 new Jenny skirts thanks to their limited edition Mary Blair line, so July’s event looked different, literally, to the event we had just a few months before, with MB dominating.

Below I’ve included a gallery of all my outfits from the week, with all the outfit and accessories details to come during my usual end of the month wrap up, but below that is the gallery of just a selection of the week’s wonderful entries, including a few of our little animal friends who decided to take part.

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‘I Don’t Give A Damn’ Glam

Being a vintage lovin’, retro-style-sportin’ modern woman already tends to mean you are more dressed up than anyone else in your general vicinity. It means petticoats and pincurls and red lipstick where other people are rocking skinny jeans and boyfriend cardigans and top knots. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way we dress nor the way anyone else dresses, but because we pinups are already pushing the formality envelope sometimes our heart yearns for the truly glamourous, the achingly old hollywood, and our sensible side tends to tell us to calm down.

It’s one thing to see a gorgeous gingham repro dress with a huge gathered skirt, pockets and a cross strapped neckline and know you’ll wear it to the supermarket if you have to just so you can own it, but another to talk yourself into the floor length velvet gown with the flattering draping and the plunging back. We all know how that feels. You want it. It looks amazing. But really, honestly, realistically, when are you going to wear it? I’ve been in this situation plenty before, most recently in the Collectif changing rooms on a London visit in March as I stood in the velvet green Claudette gown, turning this way and that, telling my friends Sophie and Giselle that I did love it, and yes, it was a steal reduced to £37 from £75, but was I just buying it for the sake of it? Should I be sensible?

God no, they said. And so they should have! “Get it. Get it. You have to get it.” I didn’t take much convincing. And that’s no great surprise. Because I am a loud and proud advocate of wearing what you want, whenever you want. And I don’t just mean wearing a pretty dress when you run errands or being the most overdressed person in your friend group when you go out for coffee. I mean if you have to create an occasion to wear something you love, then you should do it. Not only because that means you get to indulge in dressing up and putting on something that, presumably, makes you feel incredible, enough so that it got stuck in your head in the first place. Also because in this life, this short space of time we have that is not only definitely not infinite but also of an unknown length for each of us, I fully support anything that means you decide to make a random, typical day or night special just for the hell of it.

For me, that meant telling my three best friends that I wanted to wear my fancy new gown and I thought it would be fun for us all to get dressed up on an early summer’s eve and wear glamorous things while we ate a three course meal by candlelight and fairylights in my garden, watching the sun set. Just deciding we were going to do that for the pure sake of my Claudette gown was fun and exciting, because I know any evening I spend with my best friends is bound to be a great one.

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Pinup Picnic In The Park

It’s been a couple weeks already since The Pinup Picnic in the Park and finally I’ve found some time to do a little write up of our day.

It was weird to finally be going to an event we had been organising and talking about since February–right at the beginning of the year my friend Giselle, who wasn’t yet my friend, commented on one of @thebritishbelles pictures on Instagram asking if we were open to organising a British event as an alternative to Viva Las Vegas for all we British girls who wouldn’t be going and would be jealously stalking the hashtag on IG. Way back in December when I had first met up with most of the Belles I had mentioned how it would be nice to do a public event in future where other pinups could hang out, as we Belles were already having regular friend days together vintage shopping and eating diner food. With Giselle’s request we decided we definitely wanted to make something happen, but with VLV happening in April we couldn’t think up a free idea that wouldn’t take place outdoors and, thus, possibly be in with a chance of being ruined by the great English weather that early in the year.

It was for this reason we chose to host an event in June, deciding upon a quintessentially British picnic. Holding it in London’s Hyde park meant it would be free and easy for a lot of people to get to. As of the day before we had absolutely no idea how many people would be turning up, as 600+ had RSVPd yes on Facebook but we considered that unlikely.


The pinups starting to gather by some excited BBs

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The Brit & The Belle…And The Hawaiian Hideaway

Sarah Forshaw (@Forshawsarah) and Miss Amy May  (@miss_amy_may) are southern belle and southern brit pinups, respectively, who found one another on Instagram part way through their pinup transformations in mid 2013, at which point they tentatively, then all of a sudden, become devoted and divine friends. Bonding over their urge to bring full on glamour to their every day lives, their shared opinions on cake, and their fierce nerd hearts, the two quickly began to look upon one another as fabulous sisters–who simply hadn’t met yet outside the confines of the interwebs. Due to finally meet IRL to share many squishy hugs and swing-skirted spins in fall 2015, they’re opening up their friendship and their closets to you in this shared blog post while they eagerly await their meeting.

Amy: It’s been quite a while since my darling Sarah and I have been able to join forces for another installment in our The Brit & The Belle series, but finally we’re ready to share another joint post with you. Sarah and I are alike on many different levels, too many to list. Two of the easiest to focus on is our shared belief that a good dress is a terrible thing to waste by waiting for a good excuse to wear it, and our love for Pinup Girl Clothing. The combination of those two things means we both happen to own the same fabulous dress in the same colourway, the orange and purple Pinup Girl Clothing Hawaiian Hideaway dress.

We don’t want to taunt you too much with this dress because unfortunately it’s now out of stock after going on super sale at $60 down from $160–yeah, no wonder that bad girl sold out, and fast. (Such a sale is part of the Pinup Girl Clothing Online Yard Sale, where no item is over $60 and the sale section is updated regularly.) So while we’d like to focus a little on the dress and it’s fit to give you PUG newbies an idea of the brand’s quality, we want to focus as well on the parts of us that aren’t so similar; our differing sizes, shapes, colouring and styles.

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Blogiversary Bedazzled Heels WINNER


Ladies, it’s time! I was so excited to hold this giveaway of a pair of my bedazzled shoes, as my own pair have been my favourite shoes ever since I made them. It was lovely seeing the entries roll in, and I thank you all for your kind words of congratulations about my blogiversary. I don’t want to make you wait any longer to find out who wins! So, let’s see. Continue reading

Summer Whites In Eveline

A lot of people are afraid of wearing white. Some people are definitely spillers–my younger sister and my mum are two of such people–but even those who are able to drink coffee and eat spaghetti without a comical mishandling of the consumption often have a white fabric fear. I’m here to tell you guys that it is not that serious. Really.

Sure, wearing white when you know you’re going to be spending a full day with young kids or helping a friend to move house is probably a bad idea, but think about it; how often do you come home from a typical night with friends or a shopping trip and go ‘Damn, I got stuff all over myself. How did I do that?’ Probably next to never. If that’s the case I hereby formally invite you to be part of The Fearless Summertime White Dress Wearers Society. (Okay, we’ll work on the name.)

Because a white dress in summer time is basically as chic as it gets. You might think that’s an exclusive club that you’re not allowed to join, but I’ve forced my way inside it without an invite so if anyone asks just tell them you’re with me.

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Vixen In Training [Modelling for Voodoo Vixen]

I don’t do a lot of event or experience based posts on the blog because, quite frankly, my life is just not that interesting; I go to work Monday to Friday like your typical worker bee, I spend a lot of my free time with my family and friends, and then another chunk of time on this blog focusing on the fun not-so-usual style aspects of my life. But occasionally I have something cool I get to share with you, and this time it’s my recent experience modelling for Voodoo Vixen.

My fellow British Belle Amber and I were both asked to be part of a Spring/Summer campaign lookbook for VV in early June and we were thrilled to say yes. Taking a day off work, we travelled up to London for a vintage picnic themed shoot early on a Tuesday morning with our hair in pincurls and the usual London commuters staring. The shoot was in east London, east enough that the Londoners on the team considered it Essex while wee country bumpkin that I am still resolutely saw the London around us.

Shooting in public is always an interesting and amusing experience because people can have curious reactions to stumbling upon a photoshoot in action. On our very first set up, with Amber and I posing against a downed log near a pond, a group of small primary school children were ushered past us on a school trip…and were all lined up and sat down on a small hill immediately facing us, for no other apparent reason we could gather than to have a look at what we were doing.

Voodoo Vixen diner Dress

Casual sassy log chilling in the ‘Alison’ dress for Amber and ‘Leona’ for me

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1 Year Blogiversary Retrospective & Giveaway

It’s here, I made it; My blog is a year old as of this past Sunday! It seems crazy that it’s been one year since I posted my first blog post, but even more so when you consider that the fact it ever happened at all was practically an accident.

This time last year, an Instagram addict and new to having around 2000 followers, I was regularly receiving questions and pleas for tips on pinup hair, makeup and clothing fit from ladies new to the style or simply in need of a bit of help. I was a fairly new pinup myself–still am, relatively, having begun transitioning to this style in early 2013–so I didn’t feel like I had much I could offer, except maybe advice from that angle of adjusting and learning myself. When I asked on Instagram whether any ladies would be interested in seeing me start a blog I was astounded by the number and enthusiasm of the ‘YES!’s I received. So it was settled. I began. Continue reading

This Little Peach in PUG [Amanda Dress]

Pinup Girl Clothing fans and retro blogger fans alike were thrilled when it was announced not too long ago that Laura Byrnes, PUG Supreme Overlord and head designer, had created a full line of pieces inspired by stylish and adorable blogging duo Junebugs & Georgia Peaches, aka Amanda and Katie, aka Modern June Cleaver and Amelia Jetson. Katie and Amanda have differing body types, with Amanda being short and curvy while Katie is tall and willowy, but both are gorgeous little muffins and, of course, huge vintage fans.

The collection features a lot of peter pan collars and rounded necklines, slightly shorter skirts than some of PUG’s longer pieces, pockets galore, and a lot of adorable gingham, cute colour combinations and some new colourways of old classic PUG prints such as the birdcage and squirrel prints. As such the collection on the whole is sweet as sugar and a wonderfully themed line…which just happens to not be my kind of style. I love gingham but don’t wear many pastel colours, peter pan collars don’t work on me, even rounded collars are a tricky one for me, and cutesy prints don’t gel with my personal preferences. So, considering this, when I saw the collection there was only one dress that hit me in the solar plexus like a well aimed style-kick: The Amanda Dress.

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